Pune –the City of Passion, work and pleasure


When we hear about Mumbai, it automatically gives us goosebumps about the city of dreams, a city to achieve your life goals in the hard-moving space, and when we travel some miles away, there is this city of passion – Pune. If orange is the new black, then Pune is the New Goa. 

Pune gives you everything from a daily work routine to pleasure activities and so much love. Clearly, according to the numbers, 60% of the population here in the city is youth that is struggling to make their lives better in any and every way. Less traffic, Pollution, and good vibes. What else does one need?

Pune, with its variety of Malls, Amusement Parks, Hotels, late night party lounges, makes the city more comfortable. When we talk about hotels in Pune, jw mariott hotel pune is one of the best to stay and spend some quality time with your loved ones. Pune is ranked quite high in terms of safety and is one of the best cities in the state to live in. The number of nightclubs, cafes, lounges, and restaurants Pune has, is commendable, and it’s one of the most growing and developing cities in the new generation of metro cities. Mi-A-Mi has been awarded as one of the best nightclubs for partying in Asia, and it’s in JW Marriott. 

It may sound not very objective, but here are some reasons to prefer Pune over Mumbai to have a great fun-filled weekend:

  • Pleasant weather: When you want to do touristy things in a city, and the weather makes things blah and tiring. This is what one can relate to when in Mumbai – not that’s it very bad, but yes, it consumes all your energy and makes you less energetic during the day especially. That’s not the case with the weather in Pune. The weather in Pune more or less can be compared to that in Bangalore, not the too harsh sun (except in April and May), which is just two months, and otherwise, it is windy and pleasant most of the time, with occasional rains (not too heavy) to make it cool and not much humid as well.
  • Traffic is not that bad: The amount of time one is stuck in Mumbai going from the Sobo to the Suburbs, one can easily reach Delhi by flight in the same amount of time. It’s crazy, and the monsoon makes it worse; and most of the Mumbaikars spend their time in their cars traveling from point A to point B, and the main contributor to this is the population. When compared to that in Pune it is not much, people can reach on time and can spend their time doing better times than being stuck in traffic that too when one’s visiting just for three days, it makes traveling easier and fun. Also, Pune is a smaller city that can manage traffic efficiently and make better use of your time.
  • More greens and clean: I have to admit there was a time when Mumbai was much greener than what it is today, but sadly all the forests are now being cut down, and just real estate is growing in the city. On the contrary, Pune has done well to manage its greenery and cleanliness, and it looks like a touristy place where one can come and spend time in peace rather than just listening to incessant honking. And due to the lesser population, Pune also has better sewage management which is not the case in Mumbai.
  • Amazing variety of food: Pune is house to many different cuisines and necessary to say – it is a master of all trades. Be it high-end restaurants, not only Maharashtrian food but Chinese, Parsi food or Italian, and also Tibetan – you can get all these quite easily here in Pune. And that too all of them taste very well. It is also a heaven for meat-eaters, and the taste and variety you get here are mind-blowing. The most important thing is – food is not as expensive as it is in Mumbai, which can pinch some pockets. So Pune has a good variety of food and other delicacies at a good price. It’s like a foodie’s dream come true truly.
  • Party scenes: Okay, so Pune has the best nightlife, hands down! And no arguments on that. It might not have Mumbai’s glamour, but these people know how to make your night, and it’s total fun. The city also hosts many music festivals like Goa does Sunburn, and Pune has hosted concerts by Enrique, Akon, etc. Also, to add, it has also been hosting EDM concerts that are a rage among people these days, and people from many nearby cities come to Pune to enjoy its nightlife.
  • Lower cost of living:  Not everyone can afford a lifestyle in Mumbai, it’s not easy to sustain and maintain the lifestyle, and it gets really difficult for a person who has come to make a living out of just their salaries and has to afford rent, food, traveling, and other recreational activities. On the contrary, Pune offers the same things but is better in terms of the cost of living. Even when one’s visiting, Pune seems to suit most of the budgets in comparison to that of Mumbai.
  • Surrounded by exotic locations: People from Mumbai also make it a point to travel to locations like Lonavala, Khandala, Mahabaleshwar, and Matheran, to name a few, which are all easily accessible destinations from Pune which are so beautiful they might take your breath away. So, it’s easier to travel to these locations from Pune and spend most of your time at these locations rather than traveling to the location.

Though this “Pune versus Mumbai” debate can never end but have to admit that both of these hold the pride of Maharashtra. Mumbai and Pune are as similar as they are different.

One can conclude that Pune and Mumbai have their charm in many ways, but Pune is the city of passion, work, and pleasure – all of these equally and can’t be ignored. Once you experience and understand the city, it isn’t easy to stay too far from it.