The 7 Benefits of Wearing Black Sneakers


Black shoes are versatile and elegant, which makes them perfect for every outfit. Whether you’re shopping for a fresh pair of fashionable shoes to wear during the week, or ones as comfortable and stylish as your favorite white shoes, black shoes offer versatility and are ideal for just about any occasion. If you like the look and feel of black shoes but don’t want to sacrifice style for comfort, there are several options out there that will still look great and feel amazing. When it comes to shoe-hunting, black is always at the top of the list. Here are five ways to make your search for the perfect pair of shoes even easier:

One: For maximum versatility, pair black sneakers with just about any other color. This way you can still accessorize and match, but you can also use a contrasting color to draw attention to a favorite piece or add an extra pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit. A great option for an edgy pair would be a black sneaker paired with a brightly colored oxford shirt. Another idea is pairing black shoes with a pastel-colored top and a pair of skinny jeans. For an even more unique and stylish look, pair black sneakers with a patterned top and a pair of skinny jeans.

Two: Black shoes are usually made of a soft leather upper. In case you have doubts about going with a black sneaker with a thick leather upper, you might want to consider uppers made from breathable, moisture wicking cotton. These uppers allow your feet to breathe, keeping your feet dry and comfortable throughout a long day on the street or the dance floor. A great addition to an already great sneaker is a chunky silver starched collar. You can give your black sneakers an added splash of bling by chucking on a pair of classic black shoes with a big silver star attached.

Three: You don’t have to be a basketball star to wear your black sneakers with confidence. For basic everyday wear, pair your sneakers with a simple white or tan shirt and basic leather or cotton pants. For the occasional night out on the town, pair your sneakers with denim skirts, short brown boots or a short sleeve, black cotton shirt. Every guy can look cool in black sneakers, especially when they’re paired with the hottest trend of 2011, the black air force 1.

Four: If you’re looking to impress your date or your boss, there’s no better option than a pair of black sneakers. Your date will be impressed with your choice of colors and you’re sure to get a lot of looks while wearing your black sneakers. If you work at an office or run a business and want to look your best, a pair of black sneakers is your best option. No matter if you’re at home or at the office, black sneakers go with every type of dress and no one will be able to take away your attention from you.

5: A pair of black sneakers is always in style. When you’re in vogue, you know that your wardrobe must include at least one great pair of black sneakers. This is the time to stand out in style and show everyone just what kind of a fashion statement you are. You can buy the trendiest styles right now and no one will notice. You can also choose a pair that’s made from high quality materials and make them even more luxurious so that you look like royalty.

6: Black is never boring. Even if it’s summer time and there are black sneakers in style, you should still make room for at least one pair in black. There’s nothing worse than getting out of the house only to find that your favorite pair has gone out of style. You can still match your black sneakers to whatever you’re wearing for that matter and not have to worry about it. This is because black is versatile and it never goes out of style.

7: Every man should own at least one pair of black leather sneakers. They are some of the most comfortable and fashionable shoes out there today. Of course they do come in all different styles, but they’re all made from the highest quality materials so you can trust them to last a long time. In fact, black sneakers can be passed down through the generations and your children can wear black shoes and look like their grandparents even though they’re only 10 years old.