The Signs of Pain Cat Parents May Identify in Their Feline Friend!


Cats are instinctively very protective of themselves. The ancestors of your domesticated cat belonged to the wild and were very good at hiding their illnesses or injuries as a survival tactic. Know that a vulnerable cat is easy prey for a hunt. When little cats felt threatened by the stronger animals roaming in the deep jungles, they concealed their weaknesses to escape any form of unanticipated attacks.

These qualities have been passed down to further feline generations, so kitties guard themselves this way even today. It’s pretty natural to find your pet kitty covering up any hurt or sickness even before you. As a cat parent, you must learn to recognize your kitty’s inconveniences and get her sorted as soon as possible. Having cheap pet insurance is essential to equip your pet kitty with excellent medical care and make the whole affair economical.

Purchase cat insurance to manage your pet health expenses with little financial stress. It aids your pet with regular health checkups, vaccinations, medications and illness treatments, as well as accident and emergency health care. Pet insurance supports you at any stage, but early detection and treatment minimize much suffering for your kitty. So, catch up with the vet visits regularly; you can reimburse the bills later with your insurer.

Recognize the subtle signs of illness in your pet kitty!

Withdrawal symptoms!

Cats withdraw themselves from the daily routine. So if your kitty is found tucked into a corner, hiding behind a couch, resting under the bed, or staying aloof from all the chaos and disconnecting itself from this world, then you need to look into the matter seriously.

Reduced appetite!

Keep tabs on your kitty’s food habits and appetite. If she isn’t eating well for a couple of days, then she may need help. Cats rarely starve themselves, and skipping their meals can lead to fatty liver disease. Also, if your kitty is already suffering from a medical complaint, then not eating may aggravate the existing condition.


If your cat walks with paws held up, she is probably finding it difficult to walk around. Look for additional signs like wobbliness, disorientation, abnormal gait, etc. It may reflect some issue anywhere in the spine to paw region.

Hunch back!

If your kitty is sitting or walking in a hunched-up manner, then most likely there is trouble in the abdominal or spinal area. Likewise, a kitty moving around unusually with an arched back and tucked up abdomen may be in pain.

Change in grooming habits!

Your kitty may become disinterested in grooming herself when some illness is bothering her or, if she experiences irritation or pain in a particular spot she may lick or chew that area excessively.


If your kitty has been experiencing sudden outbursts of temper in contrast to her regular self or is scratching and biting other pets and household members lately, then she is possibly in despair.


When in excruciating pain, your kitty may weep constantly. It is a prominent sign that you need to take her to the vet immediately. We consider it a pet health emergency!

Get your pet checked if you observe any of the above signs. Cheap pet insurance helps you with much of the vet visit charges and prescription bills. Being covered means you don’t have to be anxious about taking out your savings to manage your kitty’s unforeseen health checkups and treatment costs. Cat insurance is a reliable way to give your precious kitty the medical attention it deserves, without the economic burden on you.