The Simplest Methods for Transporting Jewellery

The Simplest Methods for Transporting Jewellery

Travelling physically to your destination might be a hassle that makes you anxious, especially if you’re carrying delicate objects that are important to you.

In other words, priceless items in your jewellery collection. Necklaces become tangled, earrings disappear, and a bangle accidentally emerges from its bag and separates from the others. Here are five tips to use when travelling with your jewellery since we’ve all been there.

1. Use a straw for necklace chains to prevent tangles in necklaces

Having your necklaces tangle up into a knot when travelling is one of the worst things that can happen. Threading the chain through a straw is an easy and affordable solution to prevent this. By doing this, you’re preventing the main offender from mixing itself up or with others. With this hassle-free service, you can easily get your tangled necklaces smoothed out even if it looks like there is no hope left.

2. Use Cling Wrap to keep the pieces apart.

Placing objects in cling waste is another quick trick for keeping them apart while preserving organisation. You’re good to go once you spread a square of cling wrap out flat, arrange your jewellery on top, then cover everything with more plastic. Try to store them between books or magazines to keep them as flat as you can to prevent damage. After that, you may layer-stack bracelets and pendants for safe packing. You may accommodate the entire spectrum of imitation jewellery, from trendy to exquisite, in this way.

3. Use smaller pieces from your mint tins.

Make sure you never misplace another earring! Tennis bracelets and stud earrings are good examples of tiny jewellery that might work well in little mint tins. You may stack a few in your luggage to keep similar products together and in covert wrapping because they are small and compact. To prevent items from rattling and perhaps being damaged, place a cotton ball inside.

4. Secure a fabric with a safety pin and roll it up

Still searching for the ideal jewellery box? Not to worry. Safety pin your jewellery to a piece of cloth, such as a fresh t-shirt, with the top facing up. Roll the cloth and bind it with a scrunchie or ribbon after securing the piece with a safety pin, whether it be a bracelet or a necklace (complete with straws).

You may now effortlessly pack a space-saving choice in your carry-on. You’ll be able to locate everything, and because the shirt is wrapped around it, your jewellery will be protected and out of the way.

5. Spend money on a hanging jewellery box.

Like the last choice, you may always spend money on a hanging artificial jewellery case that you can store in a garment bag or, if it rolls, directly inside your own carry-on bag. To make sure you’re obtaining the best casing solution for your travel needs, as opposed to the ease of a mint tin, this involves some investigation and planning.

However, if you pick the appropriate one, you may have all of your jewellery in one location, which is an advantage. Although there are clear benefits to this, it is far less discreet, and if the entire bag is stolen, everything is lost. The things can be spread out further using some of the other approaches, in contrast. However, this could be a smart move for you if you know you’ll be travelling straight from the airport to Grandma’s place. If not, you might want to think about getting a lockable travel jewellery case like this one.

Keep in mind that it is usually better to keep jewellery in your carry-on while travelling by air and to store it in a bag that won’t get crushed if you are travelling by vehicle or train. Depending on how often you wear and use your jewellery, preparing for a complete clean and repair either before or after your vacation can serve as a terrific reminder to give it some much-needed TLC. What methods have you employed to organise and safeguard jewellery when travelling? Comment your thoughts below!