Thing To Keep In Mind While Buying New Plants


Let’s face it. We all love to be around greenery. It is good for not only our eyes but also our overall health. Being around plants and trees helps our respiratory tract and our mind in ways we can’t even think of. While we can’t always be in the park or the forest, we can always introduce some greenery into our home sweet home. There are countless varieties of plants that grow beautifully inside or outside of our house. We call them indoor and outdoor plants. You can get whichever, depending on how much space you have inside and outside of your house, and things like that. However, more than anything else, if you are planning on buying new plants, here are some things you must keep in mind.

The sunlight condition

The type of plant that you are getting should be able to sustain in the sunlight condition that your house gets, full, partial or shady.

The space situation

You don’t want to get a plant that is way too big for your house. So, keep the space situation in mind before you make the final decision of which plant you want to get. 

The type of soil you have 

You might not know this, but the type of soil you have impacts the growth of your plants in a great way. Some plants require more acidic soil, while others need more alkaline soil. You can check whether your soil is more alkaline or acidic by carrying out a soil test using one of those kits that you get at a nursery or a gardeners market. These tests also tell you the nitrogen, phosphorus and the potassium levels of your soil.

Your determination

Before you bring a plant baby to your house, you should be sure within yourself that it is something you want. Your determination plays a great role in taking care of a plant. It is not as simple as just paying for the plant. Making payment for a plant is probably the least important part of taking a plant home. The real game is to help the plant live a long and happy life in your company. So, stay away from impulsively buying plants.

Your knowledge

If you don’t know anything about taking care of a plant and you are still keen on turning your garden into a full-blown nursery, you should wait and work on your knowledge about plants first. Every plant has different requirements and the differences can be as slight as it gets but if you want to give your 100% into nurturing your plants, you should read all about their care instructions.

Go for buds, not blooms

We are all tempted to buy the plants that are blooming with flowers and we tend to ignore the ones that have buds and are yet to bloom. However, it is a foolish mistake. There is more than what meets the eye when it comes to plants that are just budding. It means that when you bring them home, they will show you fresh flowers as they bloom at your place. Plants that are loaded with flowers already tend to get stressed when they are taken into a completely new environment. They drop their flowers and their growth is affected.

Stick to the small plants

You must stick to small plants for various reasons. They are quick to grow and don’t require a larger space and big amounts of water. However, if you have a big space and enough water to give to larger plants, you can get them. It is advised for people buying a plant for the first time to start with a small plant, though. When it comes to smaller plants, you should always Buy Plants Online Free Delivery.

Look for a warranty

Big and established nurseries don’t shy away from offering their customers a warranty for some of the plants that they sell. This gives you the assurance that if you are buying an expensive plant and things go south with it, unknowingly, you are going to get your money back. Warranties are offered for plants that are difficult to grow. So, look for a warranty when you are buying difficult plants.