This Is The Only Farming That Will Get You To Max Lvl | Easily Get 800 Million Runes | Elden Ring


Therefore, the first thing that you need to do is go to Grace, which is located in the first area of the map, which is Agile Lake North. Therefore, once you have chosen this path, I will demonstrate the first step in maximizing the effectiveness of this construction. Let’s go ahead and enter it if you haven’t already left similar information in this content so that we can subscribe to this channel. When you have reached Grace’s side of the mountain, you should continue along this road until you reach the lake, and only then should you begin descending the mountain. We would like to go around this cliff because there is a small river that leads to the lake, which is where the cave is located. Please let me know if this is your first visit to this location so that I can describe the cave’s contents to you.

You are going to be attacked by an adversary, and you have to prevail over him. However, if you are not very powerful, there is no need for you to worry about another player invading again. This will help you automatically, so once you have arrived here, all you need to do is enter the cave. There are going to be some foes here, but you don’t need to vanquish them. Soon, we will prevail over them. There is a hole that needs to be patched.

This is the spot where the patch is located, therefore, depending on where you are in the game, either the patch will live here, at which point you can attempt to kill him, or you can talk to him, at which point you can attempt to solve the problem.

As soon as we have vanquished these foes, we will proceed to the right behind. I will demonstrate it to you at once.

Both of these options are available to you.

He will ask you, or like me, I have finished the game, so he is dead, and he is not here, so I have his bell, so use his bucket, and we will go back to the round table, because there, we will give the bell to the twin girls, but he will ask you.

Once you get there, all you need to do is have a conversation with them because from there we will be able to purchase gold pickled foul feet.

You mentioned that you would provide a bell, and after that, they would sell you three gold feet.

The cookbook that contains the recipe that we talked about is a missionary cookbook, therefore, once you purchase this cookbook, you will be able to make your own gold feet; therefore, goat feet are very good; this is because when you are in the farmhouse, It can add 30 rooms for you; and then we will go back to the first step; the map that we met is a good place to grow one of the raw materials for this food, which is Roha fruit

On the list, Rohagol comes in the first place. Therefore, in this region close to here, the first step is here, there will be a pile of trees or bushes made out of this raw material, and you are free to plant them however you see fit. As a result, once you’ve tasted Roha fruit, you’ll be able to recall the majority of the raw materials found in this region. You can try to find them in other regions, or you can return to the same side of grace, and they will be reborn. Both of these options are available to you.  You are free to carry on in this manner as long as you see fit and gather as much unprocessed fruit as you can in preparation for the broom farming method. Because of this, from this point on, I will demonstrate how to acquire the remaining two components. This is a very straightforward location. Because they are near one another, we will make it simpler.

We require a significant quantity of the raw materials. Let’s produce a large quantity of food for the goats at our Elden Ring Runes farm. Therefore, we intend to travel to the southern region of the United States to visit the fourth Church that can be found there. Therefore, once you reach this point, you should make your way to the grace section. You can save it there. Then we will go to the lake that I have just marked, and then we will go to the beach that is located here.

You will want to ride your horse to the next location. You should just follow the path that I intend to take to get to Walking Shanliam from here. I’m sorry to bother you with this, but I’m a little confused right now. Kindly exercise some patience. We want to go to the left first, and then to the right. If you want to go this way, you can see the walking mausoleum behind you, so it doesn’t matter if you go around him or below him.

You can ascend this mountain if you keep going to the left from here. There will be an area with a small lake and some enemies in it, but you are not required to kill any of the enemies. The only thing you need to do is go into the lake, and you’ll find a colony of golden fireflies swimming around in the water. If you remain still, these foes will begin attacking you and depending on how powerful you are, you may perish. Therefore, we should just come here and collect the golden fireflies as quickly as possible. If you want to be more explicit about it, we are going to be reborn close to the grace of the fourth Church in the United States, and then we are going to return to this location.

This is the third and final ingredient that we are looking for, and many times, if you want to, once you pick up most of them or all of them, and then you think about it, we are moving towards the blue mark below. Therefore, once you have a group of enemies on the beach that resemble zombies, you should ignore them completely. They won’t attack you unless you first initiate combat with them. They are the birds that will be found in this section of the beach. To extract the components that you require from them is the most critical step. If you try to kill these birds with melee weapons or magic, they will fly away, and your attempt to kill them will be unsuccessful. Instead, you should use a crossbow or a bow to kill them, as these other methods will not work. But if you kill them with a bow and arrow, you can kill them one at a time, and then they won’t move at all, but not every one of them will give you the ingredients you want.

Therefore, the green we are looking for is stinky feet with four toes, and as you can see, Not will provide you with this component. Some running will provide you with more benefits, while others running will provide you with fewer benefits. I am jogging. Sometimes I get the impression that I already know this one. I believe that one or two of them are not very good so far, but this is one of the best places because it has many birds in the same area, and you can kill them quickly, so I only know the other, which is that you can do it many times in the same way. as long as you are reborn close to grace, and when you return to this place after some time has passed.

Assuming you have completed everything, you are now able to craft these Elden Ring Runes and proceed to the area designated for farming. Because so many people had questions about the information we had previously provided, we have made it possible for you to climb to the top of the giant, where a portal will bring you here, or you can speak with Var. Once you have completed Grace’s first step, you will find him to be the first non-playable character you encounter. It can be seen right in front of you. It is equipped with a task line.

After you have finished the tasks in the line, you are free to come here. We are now in possession of all of the necessary components for the production of stinky feet with gold. I can produce five. As a result, I will produce five of them using the materials that I have purchased. It is also outfitted with the weapon Eldon beast that you obtained from there, so once you get here, you want to eat the golden stinky feet, immediately aim at the birds, and then you want to attack from the relic sword so that you can maximize and optimize this run. The maximum speed you can achieve is directly proportional to your running speed. You can run millions of times every ten minutes, and then oh, you can upgrade very quickly.

This is the most effective strategy available in the game. This is the original method that was found when the Elden ring was just getting started. To this day, nobody has come up with a more effective method. This is still the most effective approach. If you are already at a higher level, this will be a significant challenge for you, but it is the only thing that will be worthwhile. That is to say, I hope you enjoy the content.