Why is Aquaguard Servicing Essential?


We all know that water contamination has increased at alarming levels over the years and has increased the infection caused by water-borne diseases. It has become indispensable to use a water purifier at home now.

RO purifiers help you get rid of any physical and organic pollutants in the water. Its advanced filtration systems free water of all microorganisms and make water fit for consumption. But it does not end there; after repeated use, the filters in the purifiers get clogged with the contaminants. That is why you need to get your Aquaguard service in Ghaziabad done at least twice a year.

Indications That Tell Your Water Purifier Needs Servicing

  1. Low Water Yield

The filter absorbs all the impurities borne by the water and purifies it to give purified water for drinking. The water yield is high when the purifier functions properly, but when you notice that the water yield is low and it is taking longer than usual to fill the bottles, it means that the filter is clogged with impurities. You will either need to replace the filter, or simply cleaning it will be enough. When this happens, you need to call your Aquaguard customer care and schedule a servicing.

  1. Strange Noises

You may see that the water has a foul smell and tastes bad or strange noises occur in the faucet. This does not mean that you will need to replace your RO. The technician can easily fix the filter. The strange noises occur when the air is pushed outside the system. As soon as the filter is fixed, the noise subsides.

The water might taste foul in case the filter is not cleaned properly. It is highly advised that the water filter must be cleaned at least once in two months; this increases the filter’s longevity and purifier.

  1. Damaged RO Membrane

The semi-permeable RO membrane filters microorganisms and other organic contaminants from the water. When the membrane gets clogged, the water yields quantity dresses; also, the quality of water declines in some cases. This is another sign that the membrane and the filter must be changed immediately. And to do so, you must call the Aquaguard customer care and get the entire purifier thoroughly checked.

  1. Water Has Foul Smell And Bad Taste

Bad taste and smell in the collected water can be due to an unclean tank. The water tank of the purifier should be cleaned every two weeks along with the rest of the parts; otherwise, the impurities get collected in the tank and mix with the water, making it taste foul. Foul taste and smell can also happen because of a damaged filter. If the filter is damaged or dirty, the water yield is low.

  1. High TDS Level

TDS is the meter that reads the level of particulate matter in the water. It is advised that you pick your RO purifier by studying the TDS level of the water. If the TDS level is high, it is a sure sign to get a new filter immediately.

Depending on the water quality of the area, the water purifier must be installed. Water purifiers reduced the chances of diseases that are caused due to water contamination. It is also highly recommended that the purifier is serviced annually. In the following section, we will be discussing the benefits of Aquaguard service.

Benefits Of Water Purifiers

  • Water purifiers filter out bacteria and provide chlorine-free water. This water is free of the disease-causing microorganism. They also improve the taste of the water
  • Only uncontaminated water is fit for infants, and Aquaguard customer care ensures that only healthy minerals are left in the water after purifying
  • Some areas have hard water, which is harmful and is a significant factor in causing kidney stones. Water purifiers clean the water of calcium and magnesium and make it soft, suitable for drinking
  • Chlorine and lead are present in tap water, which is harmful to your health and toxic for your skin. The water purifier removes the chlorine present in the water, making it safe for drinking and cooking.

Why Should You Avail AMC Service?

AMC (annual maintenance contract) that a company provides to its trusted customers even after the warranty period is over. But these services are not free. You can sign up for one of the multiple schemes that the company offers. Well, now coming to the advantages of this:

  • Convenient: The company takes charge of your water purifier and without fail makes sure that the Aquaguard RO Serviceis done punctually as per the contract
  • Customer Service: Companies try to build relationships with their Aquaguard customer care, focusing on customer satisfaction. They will alert you and send you notifications timely. Most of them remain connected to their customers via mail or SMS
  • New Offers: The company frequently offers new offers and discounts like 50% off New Year’s Eve. These deals to be very lucrative for the customer
  • Genuine Products: Unlike many fraudulent technicians who deliberately replace original products with cheap and fake ones. AMC companies provide only genuine products with a guarantee.


With the increasing levels of water pollution, it should not be assumed that tap water provided by municipalities is in any way safe for drinking. These waters have dissolved impurities and chemicals such as chlorine. Only a water purifier can completely free the water from harmful chemicals and impurities.

However, after repeated usage, water purifiers show signs of degradation, and then you need an Aquaguard service agency to help you with all necessary replacements and repairs. These agencies only work with professional technicians. They value each customer, filter’s longevity, and filter’s longevity, and customer satisfaction is their priority.