Why Is Cricket A Favorite Sport For Fans All Over The World?


It wouldn’t be wrong to assume that cricket is one of the most widely played and unrestricted sports. It’s the second most popular sport in the world. About 72% of the world’s population watch cricket and consider it their favorite sport.

Of course, there are rules and regulations, just like any other sport. It is necessary to make sure everyone is playing the match correctly, and there is no confusion about how to play it. But it doesn’t take long to learn the rules.

People who love cricket tend to love fantasy cricket as well. Similar to real cricket, Fantasy cricket has some technicalities, rules, and regulations. However, fantasy cricket is still relatively easy to play despite the challenges and it also helps develop creativity in young people in India.

While watching and playing fantasy cricket, fans eagerly await to read the latest scores and news related to cricket. Playing fantasy cricket increases the excitement of watching a match online. There is no doubt that cricket is an incredible sport to play and watch. One of the best parts of watching cricket involves lots of uncertainty. Therefore, it is a very intriguing sport.

Cricketers receive a lot of respect, and all cricketers in the world are treated like gods. The younger generation treats the players as their idols in cricket and sees these players as inspirational role models. They make sure to keep themselves updated with the latest news about players, watch their biographies, and practically worship them.

Viewers stick to their TVs when their favorite player is performing on TV. After the match is over, comparing players’ performance is another level of fun. Undoubtedly, the players’ victory encourages the audience to love cricket, maintain their interest, and enjoy the sport. When fans see their favorite players giving their best performance, they feel enthusiastic and proud about being their fans.

Compared to other sports, cricket has so many institutions and academies worldwide. Therefore, it is a crucial factor responsible for gaining more attention towards cricket, especially youngsters. Moreover, in every state, there is a better stadium. This factor has contributed mainly to the vast popularity of cricket in the world.

In today’s world, everything gets associated with money. Cricket and money go hand in hand. Cricketers are some of the wealthiest people and enjoy a very luxurious life. So whether it’s salaries, the number of tournament winners, or government initiatives, cricketers always lead the race. Therefore, people always choose cricket whenever they have to choose sports.

Cricket enjoys massive popularity worldwide and extensive media coverage across the globe. None of the cricket events remain unwatched. They are covered extensively in digital, televised, and print media, whether big or small. Whenever there is a cricket match, it becomes the central theme of most commercial advertisements. Due to this enormous coverage, cricketers and cricket associations have attracted a wide range of sponsors and promotions. Many cricket players have gained so much respect and popularity through their excellent matches and have made vast winnings by developing in other commercial activities through cricket.

These are some of the reasons why cricket is so popular. Today, people watch cricket non-stop without getting tired.