Why Is Vaping Better Than Smoking?


Vaping products are relatively new to the market, and people don’t know a lot about these products. The hype around vaping products and the presence of fake news on the internet have made many people question the advantages and the disadvantages of vaping products.

Many people have made the switch from tobacco cigarettes to vaping products. According to the estimation of Euromonitor, the number of vapers around the world is around 55 million.

Have all these people made the right decision by choosing the vaping products? Should vaping products be considered a real option for overcoming smoking addiction? We will try to answer these questions in this article.

Let’s address the misconception first

The most common thing you will hear from someone about vaping products is that they are the same as cigarettes, and the physical appearance gives the feel that vapes are no different from cigarettes if you look at them.

But little research can show that vaping products are not like cigarettes as most people think. These devices provide a direct way to inhale nicotine instead of burning tobacco like cigarettes to provide the nicotine rush. The act of comparing vaping to smoking isn’t right at all.

Ongoing medical research on vaping products worldwide will help us better understand the benefits and side effects of vaping. But before anything solid about vaping is made public, you should refrain from declaring that vaping is as deadly as smoking tobacco.

1.Devoid of the deadly chemicals

The main reason people are worried about the use of vaping products is that they doubt if they also contain the deadly chemicals found in cigarettes. However, contrary to popular belief, these products are 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarettes.

A study has found that vaping products don’t contain the 4000 chemicals found in cigarette smoke. This research shows that one doesn’t have to worry about vaping smoke. The main reason why the vaping liquid is free of chemicals is that vaping devices don’t burn tobacco for smoke, which stops the emission of harmful chemicals in the vaping smoke.

2.An affordable option

The increasing taxation on tobacco products around the world has increased the prices of cigarettes. Governments are trying to keep people away from cigarettes because of the horrible side effects they produce, which is why cigarettes are not as affordable as they used to be in the past.

This is the main reason why vaping products are becoming popular in the market. People know how vaping products don’t have the chemicals that are found in cigarette smoke. As vaping products give the same sensation as cigarettes, they choose to prefer vaping over tobacco.

3.Overcoming the smoking habit

The only way a person can get rid of the problems produced by smoking tobacco is by destroying their bad habit of smoking all the time. However, the hard thing about quitting smoking cold turkey is that it’s not as easy as most people think.

It takes more than a strong resolution to leave tobacco products. The only products available in the market that can help chronic smokers overcome their addiction are vaping products. Studies have shown around the world that vaping is good for smokers who want to leave their tobacco addiction in no time.

4.It doesn’t leave any foul smell

Another main reason why cigarettes are hated around the world is that they leave behind a strange smell. Nobody likes the foul smell as it’s hard to ignore and can stay behind the curtain and hard to reach places for a long time.

Those who have had enough of the smell of the cigarettes and want some other product that gives the same fun as cigarettes without leaving smell behind have switched to vaping products. These products don’t have a foul smell, which makes them an ideal choice for people.

5.The future prospects

It’s safe to assume that vaping will stay in trend for years to come by observing the current success of vaping products worldwide. Ongoing research on vaping shows how big organizations are interested in discovering the merits and demerits of vaping. Recently, NIHR granted £1.7M to LSBU to carry out a trial about the benefits of vaping for chronic smokers. It’s safe to assume that vaping products will continue to get famous in the market.