Why League of Legends Is Better Than DOTA

An esports team with their coach helping

If gaming is your thing, I am sure you have ever heard of these two games; DOTA and the League of Legends. However, even if it is your first time hearing about these games, all is not lost as you have landed on the right page. If you are patient enough, you can scroll down the article and get to know the difference between these two games. Although there are various titles used to refer to these games, for this article, I will use League of Legends and DOTA as the name of the games to be compared.

You might be wondering why people prefer league of legends to DOTA when it comes to online gaming. Keep skimming the article and get the reasons as to why the League of Legends is better than DOTA.

New Player Experience

As a new player of any game, your number one priority is constantly learning and enjoying the game to the latter. However, if the game is a bit complex initially, the chances are that you will ignore it and look for an alternative. In this context, people who have explored the League of Legends and DOTA claim that the former is easier and more convenient than the latter. In other words, DOTA is relatively complex to manoeuvre as a beginner as compared to the League of Legends. Therefore, if you are new to gaming, you need to consider the League of Legends, as it is more convenient for you can be allowed to check your league of legends MMR as you advance.

Unlocking Champions and Heroes

As a beginner, the League of Legends will allow you to unlock only three heroes. The game will not allow you to unlock more heroes until you finish reading the tutorial. If you are new to gaming, you will not be overwhelmed by many positions or choices. However, as you advance into various levels, the game will allow you to unlock different heroes and positions that make the gaming more effective.


For DOTA, as you start the game, you will have access to all the heroes you may require in the gaming process. However, if you are not keen, you may get confused among the heroes as each comes with unique kits. Therefore, as a beginner, you may experience some difficulties trying to launch an attack associated with winning. On the other hand, DOTA avails all heroes at the beginning of the game. You will require a lot of patience and keenness to locate the best heroes and launch an attack that will pave your channel to winning.


DOTA is renowned for its feature of having too many mechanics that might overwhelm you, especially if you are a newcomer. These mechanics include blocking, creep denying, stacking, pulling, and turn rate. If you are not keen as a beginner, you may stack instead of dragging and lose the game. However, the league of Legends is relatively comparative as there are more straightforward mechanics you can quickly master as a beginner.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, the experience beginners have with DOTA is entirely different from the experience amateurs have with the league of legends. The simplicity aspect of the latter makes it more convenient and popular among game lovers.