5 signs your ERP system is incomplete


Have you ever wondered if your company’s ERP system is still functional? This is a point to ponder if you’ve been using the same software for years, but how can you tell?

A functional ERP software, easy to use, and access to the necessary data and information is a vital point for the growth and evolution of a company. However, over time this tool may become obsolete.

This is because technology constantly advances, generating changes in the pace of work. As a result, if your ERP system does not evolve together, rest assured that your company will start to slow down or reverse its progress.

That is why at Anchor Group, we will show you several signs that show that you should change your software as soon as possible to safeguard the well-being of your company.

Signs that you should analyze in your ERP system

To know if your ERP is incomplete, you must carefully analyze the following:

Difficult access to information or data

If your ERP system begins to have difficulties accessing your company’s and customers’ precious information, it is a sign that it is becoming obsolete.

This data is critical to analyze how to satisfy the customer or organize strategies. So if it is not possible to enter the information as before, your system is incomplete.

Incompatibility with new technology

When we talk about incompatibility, it means that your system is so old that it does not perform the functions as a more modern one does.

This can be, for example: Having access to information through mobile devices or other equipment belonging to the company.

It doesn’t meet expectations

If there comes the point where your ERP system is not keeping up with your company’s work rate, then there is no doubt that it is time to change it.

As we have mentioned, as time progresses, the workplace, as well as technology, evolves. However, if your software doesn’t do more than help, it will be a form of delay.

Dislike of customers

When offering a service or giving support to a client for a query, the staff have problems accessing the client’s data, such as their accounts, orders, or shipments made. You will likely be disgusted by the lack of effectiveness and look elsewhere for a solution.

Difficulties with staff

Staff struggle to take advantage of the system, have delays in submitting information, migrate data, or seek solutions for the company. This is the result of incomplete and outdated software.

Time to change your old ERP system

If your ERP system shows the signals we just mentioned, it is time for you to look for a better one and keep your company growing. For this, you should focus on the following:

ERP system adaptable to the company

You must ensure that the new system can be adapted to your company and its departments through its functions. This will facilitate adaptation by staff, and you will have an effective tool to find solutions and create strategies.

Greater technological reach

Choose one that has more advanced technology. By this, we mean that it is possible to access critical data through mobile devices and other equipment and thus not depend on an office to enter it.

Process automation

Today you have to learn to work with greater intelligence. You must choose an ERP system with automation functions such as alerting about some processes or executing an action based on another or maintaining the supply chain visibility.

This will be beneficial to speed up the pace of work of the company.


Make sure it is within your budget. However, it would be best not to exaggerate when looking for the cheapest one since it may not have the characteristics that your company needs.

Responsible supplier

There are several characteristics that a provider must have. One is that he is responsible and that he is put to offer the necessary support.

A clear example would be training  your company staff to learn how to quickly use the new ERP system.

Flexible and scalable ERP system

If your company grows and its way of working changes, it is essential that the new management system does too. In this way, you will not have to worry about changing software at all times, but you will have one that evolves with you.

Where can I find the best ERP system?

Once you know the characteristics of a sound ERP system, it is time to make the change that your company needs.

You may be wondering where I can get it? For that, you must do a thorough search, compare the essential characteristics in a good ERP and know what the provider is like.

This will help you find the ideal one for you. However, we know that this can take some time, for this reason at Anchor Group we want to help you save all the time.

As an official Oracle NetSuite partner, we can put the best management software at your fingertips. This is NetSuite ERP.

This tool can be easily adapted to your company and benefit you through optimal functions with a NetSuite implementation.

What does this mean? This is because you can integrate modules according to your business and country’s regulations. You can customize your ERP with a point of sales system, administrative control, security software, and checking, among others.

In this way, you can turn your management system into a flexible tool and achieve:

  • Automate resources
  • Facilitate the flow of information
  • Optimize decision making
  • Minimize margins of error
  • Better organize processes
  • Increase productivity
  • Have a 360 ° view of your business

As a result of having this system, you will present greater competitiveness before other companies by working with cutting-edge agile technology.

In addition, thanks to the optimization of your business processes, it is possible to reduce or save operational costs.

The best thing is that your staff can quickly adapt to this new ERP system since we will take care of adequately training them with NetSuite training courses.