7 New Places to Visit this Time in Dubai in Dec month


Dubai is lovely to visit during December, as the city brims with tourists and there is so much to do. The temperatures are also very tolerable allowing you to enjoy a host of outdoor activities. You also get to witness the great Dubai Shopping Festival and celebrate New Year’s Eve in grand style. Here we are going to discuss 7 new places to visit in Dubai this December 2023.

  1. Garden Glow
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Do not miss out on visiting this place as it is simply magical and captivating, here you will get to see fabulous pieces of glowing art created from environmentally friendly items. All the artwork in this magnificent garden is created by talented artists from across the world. They are all illuminated with energy-saving lights. Your kids are also going to love this place to the fullest and it is perfect for taking pictures so take your camera with you.

  1. Dubai Frame 
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This attraction is shaped like a gigantic picture frame and is very beautiful Each year this place attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world.  The Dubai frame tickets offers are available time to time, but this is useful if going in group. The entire structure is composed of two towers that are joined by a bridge. The Venue has a fabulous museum filled with interesting displays. Another interesting fact about this place is that you can get a clear view of Old Dubai and New Dubai from this place. If you love taking pictures then you might end up spending a few hours at this lace clicking away.

  1. Museum Of Illusions

Why not take the time to visit this wonderful museum? This museum covers a generous area and it has more than 80 interesting exhibits. The Museum of Illusions tickets allow viewing a host of optical and sensory illusions, this place offers a world of education for young kids and adults alike.  The best thing about the place isthat it has a separate area where kids and adults can have a merry time playing. Make sure you visit the Anti-Gravity room, Ames Room, Chair Illusion, Clone table, and many more.

  1. Aquaventure Waterpark

If you are looking for a fun day out in Dubai, then you must visit this waterpark. This is a popular choice for most people.  The waterpark has over 20 different slides and each of them offers a thrilling experience. Now, once you are done with the rides, you must visit the Lost Chamber Aquarium, which is located in the waterpark itself.  This is a fantastic aquarium that is home to many marine animals. You are not allowed to carry food or beverages from outside, but the bright side is that there are many restaurants inside the park where you can get delicious food.

  1. Dubai Fountain
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This fountain is not to be missed under any circumstances, the sound and light show at this place is mesmerizing. Watch as the fountains dance to various music with colorful lights being projected onto them.

  1. Motiongate Dubai

Well, if you like visiting adventure parks, this is one place you are going to love to the fullest. The park hasa Hollywood theme to it and the charm is very infectious.  The park has more than 27 rides, you can also meet all your loved characters from popular movies. You must visit attractions such as Imagination Lab, Green Hornet, New York Battle, Ghostbusters, Zombieland Blast, and more. The park has around 15 shops where you can buy a host of interesting items. Take your time and eat at one of the nine restaurants.

  1. Bollywood

Although this place is no more, but it used to welcome to a world of magic and music, Bollywood Park is a very lively park with a vibrant atmosphere. The park is divided into many different zones, each with its own entertainment. You can take rides that are based on Bollywood cinema. The entertainment at the park will help you get rid of stress easily. Do not leave the park without eating food at one of the restaurants, we can say for sure that you will not be disappointed at all.

So, these are some of the new places you should visit when you are in Dubai. They all have their own charm and you are going to have a good time for sure.