Botswana Agate Jewelry Vs Carnelian Jewelry:

Botswana Agate Jewelry

Botswana Agate and Carnelian jewelries are most unique and good for various things. These stones have different powers of luck, mental health, and confidence booster. And also good for emotional health as well and great wellness. And these stones are worn because of all health, luck and emotional benefits and also they look fabulous in different variants like pendant, bracelet and necklace jewelry. These stone jewelries are available in various varieties like Pendant, ring, earrings, necklace and bracelet.

Botswana Agate Meaning

According to worldwide trust of this stone, Botswana agate is the symbol of physical and mental health and also known for confidence booster and luck. Worldwide people have trust on Botswana Agate that if someone is going through any mental and physical issues and feels unlucky to him or herself then they must try this Botswana agate to boost their confidence and luck and also recover from mental issues. Botswana agate jewelry also known as life changing stone. According to worldwide people’s trust, botswana agate makes changes in their life from negative to positive, because it’s also known as a stone of positiveness. So worldwide mens and womens wear Botswana Agate Ring and Botswana Agate bracelet. Apart from these womens and girls wear Botswana Agate Necklace, pendant and earrings.

Carnelian Meaning

Carnelian Stone is known as a stone of Power, courage and boosts up your confidence as well. Some boys and mens are wear Carnelian Bracelet and Carnelian rings to boost-up their power, courage and confidence. Worldwide people wear this stone in various ways like Carnelian necklace, carnelian earring and carnelian pendant as well. Carnelian Stone looks like the Sun so it’s also known as sun stone because its colour is orange also. This Carnelian Stone is also worn by some warriors and Armymen to boost their confidence and this stone is also known as a stone of love and passion.

Botswana Agate Heals With Its Colours

Botswana Agate is available in different colours like White, Black, Grey and little bit pink as well and its every colour have different meanings of power, luck, charm, confidence and healing power.

Black Colour:

Botswana Agate black colour is known for luck and positiveness. Meaning if someone wears this black colour Botswana Agate Stone then they attract positiveness in their body and life also. As well, if it attracts positiveness in your life then it clears negative things from your life and body and it’s also known as luck stone.

White Colour:

White colour is a symbol of stability and it helps in Day-night, summer-winter, Cold-Hot and weak-Strong energies. Meaning this colour stone helps in balancing negative and positive energies in your life and makes it balancing.

Grey Colour:

Grey colour is symbol of positive physical health like if a low physical health person wears this stone then it heals their physical health and it’s also good for the health of pregnant lady for the good health of lady and child both. Some people who have low digestion health issues also wear this stone to make a healthy digestive system. Worldwide people also use this stone for healing purposes of bad health to make a healthy body of themself.

Pink Colour:

Pink colour of Botswana Agate is used by worldwide people for healing emotion and it’s also a symbol of emotion. It’s also used by people to improve their understanding ability. Pink colour Botswana Agate Stone is also a symbol of protection and if you are not feeling good emotionally then this Botswana Agate Stone is helpful for you to calm down and it helps you to swing your emotion in a good way.

Carnelian jewelry colours

Carnelian Stones are available in some unique colours like Red and Orange but its also available in Yellow Orange, brown with orange and reddish orange. These all colours have different powers, symbols and abilities. But the most colour of carnelian stone is red and orange.

Red Carnelian Stone:

Red Carnelian Stone is worn by people who have low energy and motivation. Like if someone is very demotivated by any reason and they wear this Carnelian jewelry like carnelian pendant,carnelian ring,carnelian Bracelet and carnelian earrings then it helps them to boost their energy and motivation. Some leaders love to wear this because it’s also a symbol of leadership as well.

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Orange Carnelian Jewelry:

Orange Carnelian have a unique power of it. Orange colour Carnelian jewelry is worn by those people who want to live their life according to them or according to their passion. Those people who follow their passions and want to live their life free and according to them then this Orange Carnelian jewelry is for them because it’s a symbol of Freedom and Passions.

Botswana Agate Stone is for those who born in October – November, Whereas Carnelian Stone is for july :

Botswana Agate Stone is for those who were born in october-november. This stone is a symbol of physical and mental health, luck and courage. Wherever carnelian stone is for those people who were born in july and it is a symbol of passion, leadership and fearlessness.
So while buying this stone for you keep in mind these things so you can buy a perfect stone for you.

So as we can understand the difference between Botswana Agate Jewelry and Carnelian Stone Jewelry is that the both stones have their different ability,power and colours and the both stones have their own uniqueness as well. We can find they both have different varieties of stone and colour which make them less and more expensive according to their uniqueness and their colour and power because both stones have some uniqueness in their criteria.