Can You Use Melt Wax To Create Whipped Soaps

Electric wax warmer or wax heater with melted wax during heating inside bowl

People have been finding creative ways of using melt wax, and one of those ways is making whipped soap out of it. For those who are wondering what a whipped soap is, it’s a buttery soap made from a base that is whipped together with fragrance, coloring, and some essential oils. The type of oil that you choose to use in your soap determines the benefits, as well as the purpose that you will put the soap to. Depending on how you want it, you can create a whipped soap recipe that delivers moisturizing, calming, and powerful conditioning agents to your skin. Since the soap that you make is infused with beneficial agents, the longer it rests on your skin, the better.

You can create vegan or non-vegan whipped soaps.

Depending on whether you want soaps for vegans or non-vegans, creating whipped soaps with wax is possible. You can handcraft it from a proprietary base, a pigment color of your choice, and a moisturizer. You can also opt to infuse it with a moisturizer that suits your needs. This kind of soap is amazing and is wonderful not only for your skin, but also for the environment.

How do you use whipped soaps with wax?

The best part about soaps that are whipped with wax is that they offer an amazing level of versatility. This means that you have many ways that you can use them.

1.Using it as hand soap.

You can scoop a small amount of the soap and rub it on your fingers and palm. Apply some water and make it lather and wash your hands the normal way.

2.Use it as a bathroom soap.

The soap that you make using melts can be used as a bathroom soap. Actually, you can use it to wash your body! It’s a powerful soap, and it lathers perfectly when used to bathe, as well as to clean some small pieces of personal attire.

3.As a shaving cream.

For most people, anytime they need shaving cream, they have to go to the shop. However, you can still save yourself the cost of having to purchase it and having to shop every time by making yours from wax melts. To get the best results from your shave, you should apply this shaving cream at least 2 minutes prior to shaving. It’s also advisable that you use a fresh shaving razor.

Storing your whipped wax soap.

There are many ways that you can store your whipped wax soap. Fortunately, you can use normal universal soap storage containers that are available in your home.  Ideally, you can also opt for a waterproof label which can be left to sit near the shower or a sink. You can employ your creativity and reuse other plastic containers that are available for your soap storage.