Tata Play: A Brand That Revolutionises Entertainment


We always yearn for new ways of entertainment that can add some fun and frolic to the daily humdrum of life. It is this craving that has driven us to leverage the potential of the internet to find new ways of entertainment.

Until the emergence of the internet, television served the role of primary entertainment medium. However, things started changing once the adoption of the internet increased and today, it has become an undetachable part of our lives.

The Indian television sector has experienced the dominance of DTH services for a long time, but now as OTT is entering the mainstream, the equation is not the same anymore.

Tata Sky, the game changer of Indian television, has rebranded itself to Tata Play to prepare a middle ground where DTH and OTT can continue entertaining the audience together. The rebranding strategy aims to establish Tata Play as a holistic content provider.

Let’s learn more about Tata Play’s new venture to elevate the entertainment standards in India.

January 27: The rebranding

Known to set benchmarks for others, Tata Play started its new journey on January 27 this year. Harit Nagpal, MD & CEO of Tata Play, explains that the company leveraged its unmatched market leadership to create a new brand identity that people can relate to in the current times. He further went on to thank The Walt Disney Company and Tata Sons for backing the business which has now reached 23 million Indian households.

Tata Play, as per Mr. Nagpal, will continue the existing DTH services, with the change being in the OTT services that it started two years back. Netflix has been added to the range of OTT apps making the Tata Play entertainment experience richer and better.

The Role of “Play” in the Brand Name

Why “Play”?

The “Play” in the brand name represents the fun, ease and simplicity that Tata Play is going to bring into the lives of its users. The creative process of designing the new brand logo was headed by Venturethree. Regine Stefan-Aboud of Venturethree describes that the new logo stands for progress and betterment. The bold and vibrant pink and purple colours, along with white and dark blue, adds youthfulness and uniqueness to the overall identity.

Tata Play Binge+: The New and Smart Set-top Box

The new android set top box for TV, Tata Play Binge+, comes with cutting-edge tech features to smoothen the lives of Tata Play subscribers. Here’s why this set top box should be your new Tata Play buy:

  • 4K Experience: TV characters will come to life with high-definition picture quality and make you feel that you are a part of your favourite show.
  • Google Voice Assistant: Now, there’s no need to use your remote to control your TV; you can do it just with your voice.
  • Chromecast: Stream content directly from your mobile to your TV to enjoy HD video and high-quality sound.

When Are You Getting Your Tata Play?

Entertainment is quickly changing with respect to both technology and content. Limiting yourself only to a DTH connection will make you miss out on the opportunities for an enhanced television viewing experience. Enjoy the future of entertainment by getting a new Tata Play connection.