Cooking Your Own Seafood


Sea food is any type of sea food considered to be food by most people, most commonly including sea animals such as clams, fishes, crabs, and oysters. Seafood also includes many different species of microscopic molluscs, clams, crustaceans, echinoderms, and other microscopic creatures that are consumed by people. These species are not really part of the aquatic animal kingdom, but belong to it. Seafood can be categorized into several groups, including the following:

This is the largest group of sea food, which includes all types of seafood. It consists of both fresh and saltwater animals and plants. Fresh seafood usually refers to fish, including Halibut, Salmon, King Salmon, Tuna, and Scallops; while saltwater seafoods usually include all varieties of shellfish, such as Mussels, Oysters, Clams, Shrimps, Snails, and Lumps. Although there is a wide range of sea animals and marine life within this broad group, the most popular types of seafood are those that come from the freshwater areas of the seas.

The next most important kind of sea food is baleen. This refers to the fur, skin, and scales of the fish that is used for foods such as batter and salsas. Although people use other materials like anchovies, squid, shrimp, squid ink, etc. for preparing batter, the best fish for this purpose are the Maine lobster, the hoki, and Halibut.

Sea birds are another popular kind of seafood, which includes all kinds of wild sea fowl (including pelicans and seahorses), and other small species of fish. It is common to prepare seafood dishes consisting of wild fish. A few types of wild seafood that are commonly included in sea food recipes include perch, pike, trout, mackerel, snapper, halibut, etc. The Humpy is another common name for the small sea creature, which is also known as “stink”.

Baked goods are a very important class of sea food, which is generally prepared by ovens. Some of the most popular baked products include cookies, breads, rolls, pizza, tartlets, and pies. Fish cakes, salmon cakes, and tuna cakes are some of the typical desserts. The best preparation of these treats is to cook the ingredients in a pan over a low heat, and then let them cool before serving. This method ensures that the texture is soft and tasty, and does not fall apart.

Other sea food types are crustaceans like clams, crabs, fishes, and octopuses. Some crustaceans are eaten raw, while others must be cooked. Shellfish, squid, and oysters are also common delicacies. Many people like to eat sea creatures raw, since the texture is more delicate and tasty than the one you get in a jar or bag.

Freshwater sea food is much easier to prepare and it tastes better, too. Sea creatures come mostly in fresh forms; this includes fish, shellfish, crabs, shrimp, oysters, etc. These sea creatures can be eaten just as they come out of the water. When fresh-cooked, sea food can taste great. However, this taste is lost when sea food is reheated. This is why many people prefer frozen sea food.

Some sea food is eaten in its raw form, but this is quite rare these days. Most sea creatures are pre-cooked or frozen by the food manufacturers so that they can sell them easily. However, there are still some people who love their sea food in its original form. Those who do can either cook it themselves using recipes found all over the internet or buy them from a reputable sea food store near their homes. Those who don’t go for this option must stock up on fresh sea food as soon as possible.