4 types of cardigans that can make you look most fashionable


Cardigans are among the most popular knitted garments that keep you warm during the cold seasons and are suitable for both men and women. Brochu Cardigans are the latest trend that keeps you cozy and looks stylish.  Traditional cardigans generally cover the upper body. They have an open front design with buttons that makes them distinctly different from sweaters which seldom have a complete front-open design.    It is interesting to note that while all cardigans are sweaters, all sweaters are not cardigans. Cardigans are special dresses especially for women suitable for wearing during formal occasions and worn over other clothing. Cardigans have a not-so-long history as they made their appearance in the mid-nineteenth century and were named after the 7th Earl of Cardigan, James Brudenell.

Here are some popular cardigan styles.

Belted Cardigans

Cardigans are winter clothing worn over other dresses to keep the body warm and cozy in the cold months. Usually made from cashmere, knitted wool, linen, and linen-cotton combination, belted cardigans look quite fashionable despite their extra-long size and the belt, making the garment look unique. Those with slim toned bodies are the best candidates for wearing belted cardigans because it looks quite odd on plump and fat bodies when the belt that sits in the midriff area draws all attention and belittles the appeal of the dress, and sometimes might look funny. Belted cardigans are available in various lengths, and you can find some shorter ones too.

Cardigan Vest

The cardigan vest design is a variant of the traditional cardigan design because it is sleeveless and perfect for cool but not cold weather. Cardinal vests make both men and women look fashionable, and when worn with the right clothes, it creates a high appeal that can make heads turn. Cardigan vests usually cover the body up to the waist or hip line, and some designs might extend up to the knee. The design of the cardigan with a lapel and a shirt collar would make anyone look smart and elegant as it looks more like a jacket. Available in various colors and designs, you can choose one to match any dress.

Cropped Cardigan

Cropped cardigan materials are different from the usual thick materials used for cardigans. Usually made from very thin materials and often lacy materials, the cropped cardigans cover the torso entirely along with the sleeves. They are ideal for wearing with printed dresses that the solid color of the cardigan complements perfectly. Most cropped cardigans are front open with hooks or buttons, while some designs might leave the front completely open. Cashmere, knitted wool, linen – cotton, and lace-linen are some common materials for cropped cardigans.

Long Cardigan

As the name implies, long cardigans are much longer than the average length of cardigans that generally reach the waist. Long cardigans can reach the knees or even the ankles and can be a perfect substitute for long coats. Since long cardigans are lighter and easy to carry, many women prefer them over bulky overcoats. The front-open design might have buttons or a zipper, and it looks as if just suitable for lean and thinner bodies.

Tunic cardigan, zipped cardigan, open cardigan, and jacket or hooded cardigan are some other styles.