Customize Your Space: Home Upgrades That Are Actually Worth the Money


When it comes to building a home or renovating one, upgrades are always important and will always cost you a bit of money. In many cases, despite spending a lot of money on upgrades, you may come to find that they are unnecessary or not worth the trouble. Finding out later can be frustrating as there isn’t much that can be done about you getting your money back. The money you would otherwise have spent on something else, or even saved. So which upgrades are worth investing in, and which upgrades aren’t worth a second look?

Heated floors

For those who live in colder regions, it goes without saying how important heating is. For all others, however, heated floors will always come in handy when winter comes around. The best part about heated floors is that the weather doesn’t even have to be cold before you can get great value out of it. All year long, you can enjoy having warm feet whenever you step on the ground, without having to wear leg warmers or socks. While radiators serve to provide heat, they are usually noisy and may use up a lot of power. The only downside of heated floors is that they will usually require you to remove the entire floor that you already have in the case of a remodel. The benefits however are worth it especially when you wake up on a cold morning only to be greeted by a warm floor. Heated floors can work fine with different floor types, so you can still install the type of floor you prefer in your home.

Smart thermostats

Smart thermostats are another great way to control the temperature in your home. The greatest benefit you get from a smart thermostat is that it is great for saving power. ‘Digital thermostats’ as they are fondly called, give you greater control over the temperature in your home. Unlike regular thermostats that require you to walk to the control each time you wish to make a change, a digital thermostat gives you comfort. This is why a smart thermostat is one gizmo you just can’t do without. You can change the temperature from a remote control, schedule the temperature changes and times when you want the thermostat to go off. No more do you have to worry about a large electricity bill because you forgot to turn off the thermostat on your way out, or you fell asleep. Instead, you can simply have it go off automatically at certain times, or with the push of a button. The best part is that you can hook it up to your smartphone and even control the smart thermostat when you aren’t home.

Kitchen countertops

You don’t have to be a food lover to have a nice kitchen and there is arguable, no kitchen apparatus as important as the countertop. The kitchen countertop withstands so much, ranging from chopping up food items to spilling hot meals. A solid kitchen countertop will be able to withstand all the hectic activities you will be undertaking which is why it is a must-have. A remodel will most likely allow you to have a kitchen you will love to spend time in. In addition, a kitchen countertop is one of the first things anyone notices in a kitchen, so it can’t hurt to have one that is beautiful and will add some focus to your kitchen.

Tankless water heater

Water heaters are a major reason why power bills are high in most homes and the solution is simple tankless water heaters. You no longer have to heat up and store hot water for the whole house, especially when you have a large family. Instead, you can simply have hot water on demand, without worrying about amassing a large power bill. You don’t even have to worry about having a large tank taking up room in your bathroom or being an eyesore. You get to choose how hot or cold you want the water to be, all with a small addition to your bathroom.


It goes without saying that these additions are a must-have for your home. Not only do these upgrades come with a lot of benefits, but they are also effective at reducing cost and saving you money. It’s fair to say that any of the upgrades listed here are definitely worth the money.