How Long Does SEO Take To Kick In?

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Many business owners now understand the importance of search engine optimization. While the end expectations are similar, the time it takes for the results to kick in is a serious question that many people ask. The truth is that SEO strategies differ, and what we should know is that it takes several months before actual results can be achieved. SEO takes longer to implement than paid-for tactics such as pay-per-click because there are many factors that search engines use to determine rank.

The duration that it takes for results to be seen depends on the period that your website has been present, the state that it was in, and also the kind of content that is on it. The link profile of your website and a variety of other SEO factors will also come into play.

Although you are in the same business and competing for the same customers, no two websites can start from a similar point.

Example of the SEO workflow

Here is a realistic example of how your SEO efforts might appear in the first few months, as well as the returns you might expect.

1. The first month

The first month, you may be concerned with doing a website audit, coming up with a keyword strategy, and doing all sorts of planning. If this can be done within a short time, you can start implementing the technical aspects of SEO quickly, which in most cases is within the first one month. In some situations, a comprehensive study and discovery phase can take longer than a month.

2. Second month

 Begin technical SEO work, which entails making changes to the website depending on the findings of the site audit. In some circumstances, the website must be completely rebuilt, which can take months. Other SEO tasks, such as improving the link profile and creating content, can be completed concurrently with the makeover. Should you go this route, remember that you can only start seeing results after you have completed all the adjustments that you have started.

3. Third month

Begin concentrating on creating different types of content. Remember that you will need articles, blogs, white papers, and FAQs among others for ranking your pages. After a month of competing for these and uploading them on your website, you should start seeing better ranking results. If those rankings result in leads or sales, that’s even better, but you wouldn’t anticipate it just yet.

4.Fourth month

You will notice increased traffic, which will be in their thousands. At this point, you must ensure that you add conversion rate optimization into your SEO strategy. Top online marketers such as SEO Agency Sydney can help you to do this quickly and more effectively.

How long does it take for you to see SEO results?

 As we said above, it depends on many factors. This depends on the state of your website before you commence the search engine optimization process and the SEO strategies that you are using. On average, you can expect to see results trickling in after the first 6 months.