Debunking the Most Common Manufacturing Myths That Exist Today


Are you one of those who think that manufacturing is a crumbling industry? In reality, the trade of manufacturing is still thriving worldwide.

The 2021 global output of manufacturing reached up to 41 trillion dollars. Every year, manufacturing processes are getting more advanced and innovative.

Despite that, many people still see the world of manufacturing as a dead industry. It’s no wonder that the public find many manufacturing myths true.

Do you want to know more about the manufacturing facts and myths? Read this article debunking the popular manufacturing myths existing today.

1. There’s No Future in Manufacturing

Only a handful of students would be serious about going for a career in manufacturing. For years, people consider manufacturing as a poor career choice. It’s understandable since this originated from the fears during the global recession.

But while many still fear it, the manufacturing industry made steady growth. Manufacturing is a wise and stable career choice because it has a lower turnover rate.

Manufacturing is still a powerhouse in 2022, and this decade is also one of the best periods for the manufacturing workforce.

2. The Manufacturing Industry Is a Danger to the Environment

This myth is one of the classic manufacturing myths almost everyone believes. When you talk about manufacturing, it’s often related to climate change. Along with it is the greenhouse effect.

While this may have been true decades ago, it’s far from the truth today. Lean manufacturing is now the trend in the manufacturing world. This model provides the best win-win relationship between revenues and lesser environmental damage.

Aside from that, many companies are now cutting down on material and energy usage. It leads to less wastes and pollution.

Furthermore, many manufacturing tools have innovated due to material cuts. One example is the dies from.

3. Manufacturing Processes Are Now Becoming Automated

Automation is becoming an integral part of the manufacturing process. However, this doesn’t mean replacing all the worker’s tasks.

What it does in the industry is make use of automated manufacturing equipment. These machines change other positions. In return, it creates a new need for different skills and expertise from the workers.

4. New Factories Are Often Built-in Developing Countries

Many people believe that countries like the US are too expensive to make a product. Because of that, new factories in developing countries would be more cost-efficient.

In reality, more foreign companies build and buy factories in the United States, and they get billions worth of investments for it. Half of these go to manufacturing.

The US ranks high in the most attractive countries for manufacturing list. Alongside it are Britain, Germany, France, Canada, and The Netherlands.

It proves that developed countries are still competitive homes to many manufacturing companies.

Exposing the Truth About Today’s Manufacturing Myths

It may be unbelievable, but there’s little to no truth in most manufacturing myths. The industry is still central to the world’s economy and progresses every day. It’s a stable career, evolving, and needs the human workforce.

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