Dog Walking Services-Find The Right Fit For Your Doggy


If you’d want to hire a professional local dog walker you’ll perhaps interview a few candidates, just like you would for a daycare provider for your child. Anyhow, if you’re for the first time interviewing a pet walker you may be unsure of what to ask.

Check out this list of compiled questions you’ll want to ask the local dog walking services provider before allowing them to take your doggy out on a walk.

How many pets do you walk at one time?

It’s the norm in large cities for a professional walker to walk several dogs at one time. On the contrary, most pet walkers in smaller communities will often just walk one dog at a time. If your Fido loves being with other doggies, it may not matter. However, if Fido isn’t socialized; or doesn’t walk really well on a leash, you may not like him to be walked with other pets.

What experience do you have in this industry?

If you have a ‘Bichon Frise’ it may be easy for anyone to walk him. But if you own a bullmastiff you need a pro who knows how to control canines as they walk.

This may be because your doggy will just sit down when he’s tired or because he loves running after cats during the trip.

What is a typical walk?

You will like to know how long the walk is and if the dog is under the “walk” command until the end of time. Or if there is “free time” during the walk for the doggy to explore and sniff at his leisure. Moreover, if your pet is a runner, will the dog walking services provider run with him; or will he be left disgruntled due to a slow-paced walk?

Do you take water on the walk?

Relying on the temperature and the breed of dog, your canine would need a water break halfway through the walk.

Speaking of weather, do you walk in every kind of weather?

If you live in rainy Seattle or cold Cleveland, you need a reliable walker who is acclimatized to the local weather.

What is your favorite breed of the pup and/or what breed of dog do you own?

Although your local pet walker may be happy to walk any dog, you may wish for a person who has a particular affinity for your dog’s breed. This guy will be more in tune with the breed’s characteristics. For example, owning a bulldog means, you can’t physically make him do anything. He is much stronger. But it is so easy to coax him to do something. That is a typical trait in the bulldog breed.

Are you certified?

Certification in the dog walking industry is the latest trend; so if your prospective pet walker is certified, think about them to be a leader in their field.

The Sum Up

If you are content with what you hear as regards answers to these questions, then you’ll like to fix a play date between your dog and the local pet walker.