Give away inherited jewelry Locate Your Next Perfect Home

Give Away Inherited Jewellery: Locate the Next Best Home for Important Pieces

You’re unsure of what to do with the jewellery you acquired from a loved one because of this. It could be time to give the item to someone who will enjoy it if you adore the memories associated with it but don’t quite connect with the thing itself.

We discussed what to do with inherited jewellery pieces that you’d like to preserve in parts one and two of our series. We’ll get into the topic of how to let go in this post.

Appraise: Evaluate the state of your object.

Your item could only want a little care or it might be ready for its new owner. In any case, it’s crucial to get the specifics worked out so you may be well informed to determine the next stage of its existence.

A loose diamond is evaluated by a jeweller.

Sorting out the details will provide you the knowledge you need to determine the next stage of your jewelry’s existence before you decide whether or not to give it to someone else. The most important component in defining this is getting an accurate and fast evaluation.

It is surprisingly affordable and easy to get a test done to determine the carat weight and kind of metals your ring is made of if it is made of gold. What is the diamond’s carat weight on that pendant? How valuable are the remaining stones? Professional jewellers can respond to any of your inquiries with simple, inexpensive tests, and by determining the worth of each component, they can evaluate the item as a whole.

Knowing the type of stone, its clarity, cut, carat weight, etc. is important if you inherit loose stones, which commonly happens. With a simple evaluation, you can actually quickly learn all there is to know about your jewel.

Personalise something as a gift for future generations.

It could seem right to give the object you inherited to a loved one who will treasure it for many years if it doesn’t match your needs. It’s not just in your family; it comes from you as well.


Engrave the present with their name, initials, or a heartfelt note to make it even more memorable. The cherry on top of a wedding ring may be engraving an anniversary date inside the band. Alternately, consider engraving a special message on a antique necklace sets or locket.

Sell: Give away items you are willing to part with.

Sometimes there isn’t the proper person to receive your inherited jewellery, but selling it is always a possibility if it’s time to pass it on. You’ll be adequately rewarded and can relax knowing that whoever buys it will adore it if you do it this way. We value our heirlooms, so it does take some consideration. But there are practical actions you may take if you’re ready to sell.

It’s crucial to choose when to sell, which is particularly simple if your item is made of gold because you can keep an eye on market values online. Because of how consistently its value holds over time—often even during economic downturns—gold is a superb investment. Despite the fact that there seem to be unlimited alternatives, be sure you’re working with a dependable buyer. You must first conduct research. You can always sell jewellery for scrap if the stones have been taken out and you’re confident the design won’t have much of a resale value.

You may sell a piece as is, of course, but you can also work with a jeweller to thoroughly clean and restore it so that it regains its previous lustre. You’ll have a better chance of getting a higher offer this way. Online marketplaces abound, allowing you to sell your kundan necklace jewellery without ever leaving the comfort of your home.