Gold Jewellery Is Making A Comeback In 2022


Gold is a timeless metal that never loses its prominence and status. That being said, its trends change with time. But is the trend of gold jewellery coming back this year?

The year has begun and so has the rage of gold jewellery. Be it layered chains or golden rings, you can find women adorning gold in multiple ways. If you too love gold, it is the right time to start shopping since new designs are making a huge mark on the fashion industry.

In this article, we have jotted down some of the best gold jewellery pieces that are becoming popular. Take a look and shortlist the ones you love the most!

  • Layered and Chunky Necklaces

You would have seen influencers adorning heavy and chunky gold necklaces. Gold chains with intricate designs are getting popular for all the right reasons. They can be worn with both summer and winter outfits without compromising on the looks. In fact, they add the extra glamour that makes you stand apart from the crowd.

  • Geometrical Rings

Simple, bold, and exclusive – that’s the feel you get from geometrical-shaped rings. Their solid design also make them durable and good for regular use. If you have been planning to shop gold rings online, try to opt for such geometric designs. You can also try layered rings to create a unique style. Some rings also come with studded diamond or colourful gems to add pop to the whole look.

  • Dainty Bracelets

Bracelets are especially popular among girls who want to accessorize in a stylish and minimal way. The dainty bracelets are quite lightweight and easy to wear. You can also opt for layered bracelets mixed with different metals to play a bit with your attire. In case your budget is good, you can also opt for a diamond-studded gold bracelet. It can instantly add elegance and royal aura to your attire on any special occasion.

  • Gold Hoops

Another trend that 2022 can expect is of gold hoops. They look stylish and classy at the same time. What more? You can easily wear them to office or on a special occasion. The most famous ones also contain a few danglers. You can opt for diamonds or even simple pearls in the hoops to make them exciting. Also as we are talking about gold, the hoops can also be of white or rose gold as they have a romantic look when compared to the yellow gold.

  • Traditional Necklaces

No matter how many years pass by, the charm of traditional gold necklaces is hard to beat. Especially during the wedding season, traditional necklaces become the best-sellers. In 2022, gold necklaces encrusted with different diamonds and gems are winning the hearts of women. Such jewellery showcases the traditional craft and instils a feeling of pride and dignity with the art. So if you have been planning to bring a traditional touch to your wardrobe, you can opt for traditional necklaces.

Tips for Buying Gold Jewellery

Planning to go along with the gold comeback? Here are some things to keep in mind while buying any of the gold jewellery in 2022:

  • Always buy gold from an authentic and trusted vendor.
  • Always buy hallmarked jewellery as it indicates its purity and authenticity.
  • Research about different types of gold before picking one.
  • Buying gold is not an everyday affair. Thus, keep your outfits and style in mind before selecting any piece.
  • Compare the prices on various websites and stores to get the best value.
  • Set your budget before planning to buy the gold as it is no less than an investment.
  • Ensure that the jeweller offers you warranty paperwork when you buy your gold jewellery.

Summing It Up

The glamour of gold jewellery is hard to resist, and that’s why it keeps coming back into fashion. You too can adorn yourself with the best of designs. Just follow the tips and visit a trusted jeweller. Happy shopping!