How to Get More (100k) Youtube Views?

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When I first started doing YouTube, I expected my channel to expand. My plan was to release a large number of videos to gain a large number of views.

The more supporters I had, the more they helped me in advancing my movies.

In light of my perceptions of others’ channels, I assessed that I would require something like 200 recordings to get 60,000 perspectives each month, and I was prepared to invest the energy.

After a year, my channel receives approximately 100,000 views per month.

That is around 166% more than I had hoped for and 500% of what I had. Did it take me more than 200 videos to get there? Not quite.

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How come my estimate was so far off?

What I hadn’t considered in my initial calculations was the likelihood that some of my videos may become hits, attracting a larger number of views.

These weren’t traditional viral films in the sense that there was little social sharing involved, and my subscribers didn’t play a significant role in their success.

All things considered, most of the traffic to these movies came through YouTube highlights, for example, the YouTube web index or the proposals on the YouTube landing page and sidebar.

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Making Gateway Videos to Increase YouTube Views

Most YouTubers rely on their customer base to get views. Try not to misunderstand me: supporters are awesome, and growing a membership base is basic.

On the off chance that you keep on laying out an unwavering and supporting fan base, you will actually want to create an ever-increasing number of perspectives until you can arrive at thousands, on the off chance that not millions, of individuals.

But, you are not in that situation when you are beginning out.

When you are a new YouTuber, it’s difficult to build your channel, and even if you’re the most fascinating person on the planet, you’ll struggle since no one is watching.

This is when you should reconsider your plan. 

Recruiting new viewers

You can’t rely on your present subscribers to grow your channel; you must attract new viewers.

This conclusion may seem obvious to some of you, yet it is critical for one reason:

There is a differentiation between recordings that draw in new watchers and recordings that are expected to serve your supporters. Or, to put it another way:

You must create a variety of videos to attract new viewers.

How are videos aimed at new viewers different from those aimed at subscribers? Let’s have a look:

Videos that draw in new viewers…

Are less personal:

In spite of the fact that recordings with an individual message or story will draw in new watchers. Remember that new watchers don’t have any acquaintance with you yet.

As a result, more intimate films will not be as appealing to new viewers as they are to your subscribers.

For example, my most recent channel update video had only a few hundred views. Yet prior films I created received between 50k and 200k views.

The fundamental explanation is that my channel update isn’t as fascinating to somebody who hasn’t seen basically a couple of my recordings, as my well-known recordings are a large number of views.

Stand firm for themselves:

Recordings that are important for a ceaseless series are probably not going to get a ton of new traffic except if they can remain all alone.

That’s why a Let’s Play Minecraft video in part 134 is unlikely to be a smash hit if part 133 wasn’t a large number of views.

My series is “5 TV Shows with LGBT Characters.” Which currently consists of two episodes, is an example of a series in which each video stands alone.

Elicit emotions:

You’re much more likely to get new readers if your headline and thumbnail promise or provoke emotion.

Curiosity, anxiety, amazement, and joy are all effective emotions. 

Even if you create more serious content, you should consider including something more emotive every now and then. 

JP Sears’ channel AwakenWithJP is an example.

While he utilizes his channel to examine otherworldly issues. His video “How to be Ultra Profound got 1,000,000 perspectives and drew numerous watchers. Who could never have seen his channel in any case?

He even added “funny” in brackets so no one would miss its large number of views.

Resolve an issue or provide an answer:

A huge number of individuals in your interest group utilize the Youtube web crawler consistently.


Since they are searching for the arrangements, replies, and content applicable to your industry.

This is where you come in: by giving substance that takes care of issues in your speciality, you can provoke the curiosity of your ideal interest group.

D4Darious’ channel is full of these types of videos.

He’s a filmmaker and actor, but by releasing filmmaking instructions on his Youtube channel, he’s gaining the attention of many others in the film industry.

Subsequently, he has in excess of 60,000 endorsers on his YouTube channel, undeniably more than the normal non-mainstream producer.