How To Make Nails Grow Faster?

Nails Grow faster

Are your nails weak and easily break off? Do you keep dreaming of having healthy and long nails? This article will list ways in which you can make nails grow faster…

Brittle or weak nails can indicate fragile health and conditions such as nutritional deficiency, aging, genetic issues, etc. Your nails represent your personality as they not only improve your overall appearance but are also necessary to perform daily tasks.

Essie Weingarten said, “Your nails are like jewels – don’t use them like tools.” It would help if you considered this when taking care of your nails, considering the environmental exposure, chemicals in nail paints, and an unhealthy diet can negatively impact the conditions of your nails.

Beautiful, long, clean nails add a personality to traditional costumes and red carpet dresses. If your nails are growing slower, read this article to understand how to grow them faster.

How To Make Nails Grow Faster?

Manicure is an activity that many women and men do to make their hands look beautiful and present; however, it damages the cuticles through inflammation. There is a higher risk of infection, and the nail gets separated from the base.

Excessive use of water also makes the nails brittle and soft. It impacts the cuticles of the nails, weakening the bed of the nails. Dry skin is another condition many individuals suffer from, leading to cracks and bleeding and the probability of bacterial and fungal infections.

To make nails grow faster, you need to rejuvenate them so they don’t break. The article lists the ways to help you grow your nails faster.

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Integrating A Balanced Diet 

The average growth of a person’s nail is 3 millimeters per month. It would help if you ate a balanced and healthy diet enriched with nutrient-rich food. It is because they will help you make nails grow faster.

Vitamin A is necessary to strengthen your teeth, nails, bones, and tissues because it is an antioxidant. You need to eat carrots, mangoes, spinach, apples, and eggs and drink milk so not to suffer from vitamin A deficiency.

Vitamin C is significant in combating bacteria. Hence, you must consume it in the form of leafy greens, tomatoes, citrus fruits, strawberries, and bell peppers.

Lemons can remove the yellow stains that nails often get from bleaching agents in nail paints. The collagen produced from the consumption of oranges helps the nails stay healthy and strong.

Biotin, or vitamin H, is important in hair, skin, and nail growth and maintenance. These are mostly taken in supplement form. However, these are also present in food items such as salmon, nuts, avocados, egg yolks, bananas, and broccoli.

Food items such as beef, turkey, crab, chicken, and others also provide a lot of nutritional value that helps in healthy nail growth.

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Nails Need Moisturizing

Cuticle balms and hand creams are a good way of constantly maintaining healthy and presentable-looking hands and feet. The growth in the nails can be encouraged through regular hydration using a good moisturizer.

Nails are prone to breaking if there is an absence of moisturizing because of the use of household cleaners and nail polish removers. The lack of moisture on your nails can cause them to be weak; hence, performing any task, such as prying open a lid or scratching something, can easily break them.

You should, therefore, moisturize your nails multiple times a day to make nails grow faster. You should also know how to clean under nails, such as using a washcloth or sponge or soaking the nails in apple cider vinegar and clean water for some time.

Reduced Use Of Gel And Acrylics

Applying nail paints and acrylics has become a fashion, yet it is significantly damaging for your nails due to toluene, dibutyl phthalate, and formaldehyde. They have the power to damage your nails and cause allergic reactions.

In many nail salons, UV radiation has become a standard procedure that can prematurely age the hands, and the risk of skin cancer also rises. People often justify getting acrylics as preventing the nail-biting habit.

Acrylics are dangerous on an individual level and for the environment. Acrylic nails emit carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, and other compounds. However, if you want nail paint, opt for nourishing gel polishes because they create a protective layer on the natural nails.

It would help if you never chipped off your nail paint because there is a high chance that you are peeling off the natural gel of the nail, which is at the topmost layer and is being peeled off too. Cuticles can be maintained by applying olive and coconut oil to make nails grow faster.

Consuming A Supplement

Keratin is the main protein identified in nails; therefore, consuming a supplement will help you build the nails’ resiliency and strength. If you consume biotin supplements or 30 to 40 micrograms of biotin daily, it will make nails grow faster.

Considering fungal infections are one of the most common diseases, you must be aware of the symptoms, such as crumbling edges, thickening of nails, and discoloration.

Consuming a supplement that is a mix of vitamins A, C, Biotin, and others can help you grow nails faster, smooth nails, and decrease nail splitting.


After reading this article, you will develop an understanding of the causes that have contributed to weak and brittle nails. You can implement one or more of these factors in your lifestyle to make your nails grow faster.

Comment below regarding the benefits you experienced once you implied how you could make nails grow faster.

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