How To Test The Bag’S Quality

In the shopping mall

Any time people are traveling, they have more expectations from their bags other than providing adequate storage. Backpacks and suitcases are also highly fashionable accessories that you can depend on for your entire journey. However, to ensure that the price and quality of their bags are commensurate, manufacturers put their bags through quality tests. Functions and quality are incredibly paramount for every bag.

Testing the quality of a bag

Testing the quality of a bag is important because it helps you to understand the strength and weaknesses of the bag. It also helps you to understand how to use the bag properly based on the proven strengths that the bag offers. 

Tests that are carried out on a bag.

1. Luggage handle durability

This is one of the most important qualities that are carried out in a bag. It’s a measure of how the handles of a bag are suited to handle the load that it carries. A good bag should be capable of properly handling the amount of weight that is intended for it. During the test, a bag is loaded with the amount of load that it’s envisaged to be carrying to find out if it’s equal to the task.

2. Overall durability and overall durability

A rolling-bearing durability test is recommended on bags that are pulled on the tarmac while it’s full of luggage. The tests are geared at reproducing the actual conditions when the bag is in use. With these tests, you can figure out the running characteristics of the bearings under varying test speeds, loads, temperatures, and lubrication conditions among others.

3. Dynamic load

This test is intended at knowing the bearing capacity of a bag by applying what is considered a dynamic load to a falling mass. This is a high strain dynamic test that evaluates the integrity of a bag.

4. Colorfastness tests

 Color-fastness tests evaluate how a colored textile material can resist when it’s immersed in water. This might appear like a test that figures out what could happen when a bag is washed. But this test aims at knowing the probability of colors migrating to another fabric when they are brought into contact while wet.

5. Drop test

drop test helps to determine the structural integrity of a bag. This test is carried out by dropping a bag from a predetermined height and will have to drop to a kind of surface that is agreed on before the test.

6. Stability testing

This kind of test is determined through storage at a predetermined condition and also testing at certain intervals the duration that a bag can remain in a safe state given the conditions under which it is put.

7. Zipper test

This test helps to measure the flexibility and the level at which a bag’s zipper can be depended on.


Many approaches are taken to test the quality of a bag. Some of these tests are the zipper tests, corrosion tests, drop tests, and stability tests. These tests ensure that the price and quality of the bag match, therefore guaranteeing the buyers value for their money.