Is Blogger dead?


When it comes to blogging the first thing or platform that comes to mind is the Google-owned platform known as ‘Blogger‘. Blogger was a popular choice back then for bloggers who were relatively new to blogging and wanted a free platform to get started with the world of blogging. But over time other better alternatives continued to spring up such as WordPress, Gator, Tumblr and many others. These offer people a chance to customize things to their absolute degree which is something that people absolutely adore.

Blogger has been overrun by more lucrative blogging platforms

Blogger was a nice and free-to-use platform for those who simply had no money, to begin with, this endeavor and still wanted to let the world know about their thoughts and feelings about certain topics and niche-based content. And surprisingly enough Blogger is still around but it has massively lost the clientele as people now jump to WordPress or some other preferred alternative because they want things to be customized according to their own taste and preference and are not after a generic experience that blogger provides free of cost. It is not dead per se but the use case has been disturbed continuously. Following are some of the reasons why bloggers have lost touch with the blogging community out there;

It is a bit too generic

If you haven’t noticed earlier then here goes; blogger is an extremely generic platform that is controlled and maintained by Google. The UI along with the user experience is a tad generic which means that it can’t be customized as the user requires. You can’t add themes, change the layout of your blog, add icons or media for that matter and that is why people have kind of scuttled away from Blogger and have found solace among other blogging platforms such as WordPress which allows them to customize their experience however they like.

You can’t form a brand with Blogger

Another enticing fact that has made people kind of deflect away from Blogger is the fact that you can’t formulate a brand with it. If you want your blog to have a respectable audience, people who are interested in reading what you are putting out and connecting with them as a broad community. You can’t have that with Blogger, people who reach out on Blogger do so via funneling through Google, you can’t have any customized aspect of communication on your blogger-based blog at all.

This limits the capacity of Blogger to become a destination for you to grow your blogging business. It is only good for stretching your fingers and your mind a bit especially if you are just starting with blogging but you need to look elsewhere if you want to turn your blogging into a financial success or a brand of sorts.

You don’t own your content

Another great reason why you should stay away from Bloggers is because of the fact that you don’t own your content because Blogger does. Whatever you have written or contributed towards the platform you can’t claim any ownership to that content at all.

So, in the long run, you are better off with a private domain and a hosting company where you can customize things, present your thoughts and content before people the way you like to, and still have complete ownership of the content too. That is why blogger isn’t so grand at the moment among the blogging community.