Mountain View October iCity, the 4D Experience


The beauty of a community lies behind the architectural work, this can be measured on the design presented in four dimensions, where you can visualize Mountain View iCity more closely while the surrounding environment is being formed, it is located directly within the city of 6 October in Cairo, Egypt.

Based on the location of Mountain View October, you are allowed to enjoy all the local and commercial varieties thanks to its proximity to all the essential services and other important attractions, as it’s just a few minutes away from the important places to visit that are needed to develop your social life without any problem.

The Interactive Approach Behind Mountain View October Design

By means of the 4D Mountain View October design, the composition of commercial islands arises where the access by car is also guaranteed, however, the pedestrian access is also guaranteed, on the other hand, the entertainment is developed through parks that facilitate the practice of sports.

It is all about creating a life that is fulfilled by creating the best possible way of living over 500 acres, merging natural living with residential apartments, villas, twin houses and town houses, each unit is equipped with the best services, making it a unique way of living.

The properties in Mountain View iCity October have solar roofs as part of the green lifestyle, and the organization continues to be represented by bodies of water, including springs, all of which are available and estimated at 13,000 Egyptian pounds per square meter.

That economic measure is much more cost effective than other locations within the same city of 6 October, as the unit prices in Mountain View October iCity, starts from 1,750,000 pounds, so it is a remarkable difference, you need also to cover the above below amount for a maintenance with a value of 8% and there are still discounts of up to 25% of that unit price.

Seize The Opportunity of Mountain View iCity October

Through different payment and installment systems you can have your own unit in Mountain View October at your convenience, for further information you can know in the upcoming lines about all the details of finishing and also about the delivery system of such units.

The delivery will be done through a semi-finished system, this is to facilitate for you to have the opportunity to carry out the customization of the finish, lighting and other things yourself and by your own way, to the point of finishing the apartment completely with your own style, and the units will be delivered within 4 years.

On the other hand, the services are ample thanks to the variety of facilities, since living in Mountain View iCity is a privilege on this city, from the moment you set foot you will find landscapes and a commercial offer for any type of essential need or even pastime, without leaving aside the breathtaking views.

You do not have to worry about security in Mountain View October, since 24-hour assistance is provided in this area, along with the operation of guards, cameras and a complete surveillance system.