Pros and Cons of Twisted Pair Cables

Twisted Pair Cables

Cables are the backbones of efficient and perfectly functioning network setups. Poor cable selection leads to a waste of time, resources, and efforts, in addition, to delays in the functioning of the network. This is why learning about important cables is crucial. Twisted pair cables are often an essential part of structure cabling environments.

Twisted pair cables consist of pairs of thin metal wires twisted around each other. The twisted pair cables are available in shielded and unshielded arrangements and have their separate uses. The cables are used quite widely and offer numerous benefits and drawbacks too.

Give an in-depth read to this article to get your hands on the pros and cons of twisted pair cables you must know and ensure to put them to good use for higher profitability.

Top 3 Pros of Twisted Pair Cables

Twisted pair cables come with a lot of pros and advantages, which are the main source of their popularity. Still, you should not opt for them blindly. Check their pros and suitability for your setup before making the final choice.

Here are the major pros of the twisted pair cables you must be aware of to utilize them well.

1. Easy To Install

The first and foremost pros of twisted pair cables are that they are easy to install. The cables are quite simple in their composition, unlike what the name hints at. They can be easily installed with just a basic knowledge of cables. They can also be easily terminated and maintained when need be. However, there is no harm in being extra careful, specifically when you have never dealt with cables before. Many authorities hire structured cabling companies in Dubai and let experts choose if twisted pair cables are a perfect fit and install them efficiently.

2. Inexpensive

One of the major pros of twisted pair cables you must be aware of is that they are inexpensive. So, if someone tries to scam you with high prices, you should be able to make a fair deal. The cables do not get damaged during the process of installation, and even if you happen to do so, you can replace them at low rates. However, this is not an excuse for poorly handling the cables and not paying attention to their regular care and maintenance. Pay attention to cable handling, installation, and maintenance to keep overall expenses limited.

3. Ideal for Longer Distances

Twisted pair cables are ideal for longer distances which is another major pro you must be aware of. The twists of the cables significantly prevent signal interference from other cables and devices in the surrounding. It contributes to boosting the efficiency of the twisted pair cables and makes them ideal for longer distances. Moreover, limited to no loss in signal transferring speed with damaged cables also contributes to it. However, the cables are only suitable for indoor applications, so plan your network and installation accordingly.

Top 3 Cons of Twisted Pair Cables

Twisted pair cables come with a fair share of cons and damages. They may prove more harmful to you and overcome the benefits of such cables. So, learn about them and make your choice carefully.

Here are the major cons of twisted pair cables you should know about to make the right choice.

1. Unsuitable for Outdoor Usage

The most notable con of twisted pair cables is that they are unsuitable for outdoor usage. The cables are not as durable as they may seem. Due to this, the harsh weather conditions can take a toll on them and damage the cables. Installing the cables with an extra layer of sheathing will not make any difference. However, if the outdoor conditions are not too hot, humid, or moisture prone, you can test their installation and functioning. If you do not have enough time for testing, it is better to look for other suitable options.

2. Low Durability

One of the major cons of opting for twisted pair cables is that they have low durability. The cables can get damaged in a limited time, requiring frequent maintenance and upgrade. Though the damaged cables do not hinder signal transfer rate and speed, leaving them unmaintained can lead to bigger and more complex issues. The cables often require high infrastructure hardware upgrades, so it is much better to rethink your choice. You can explore more durable options and ensure you do not have to spend more time and resources on maintenance.

3. Higher Susceptibility to Electromagnetic Interference

Twisted pair cables have a higher susceptibility to electromagnetic interference, which is the last con of opting for them. It is more common in unshielded twisted pair cables, which do not have any foil or shielding and interfere with the magnetic field. The magnetic field can induce an unwanted current in some nearby conductors and cause performance issues. However, the issue can be avoided with a little expertise. You can hire structured cabling companies in Dubai and let experts handle the setup for limited to non-existent electromagnetic interference.

Unsure if twisted pair cables are the right pick for you?

The choice of cable can confuse anyone, even at the last moment. Instead of continuing while being confused, get in touch with professional installation service providers to help you pick the best cables and install them for a smooth and functional network.

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