Rent, Buy or Sell? Ray White 101

Portrait of a young couple holding the keys to their new home

Are you interested in selling, buying, or renting in the greater Ray White area? While the area shows a huge growth potential, working with an experienced real estate professional can help to improve your outcome. If you are selling, buyers will want to steal your property—literally, while on the other hand, you will be interested in getting top dollar.

Whether you are buying or selling, you can benefit immensely by seeking the help of a Hinchinbrook top agent who understands the complexities of new estates and who can help to navigate the process smoothly.

Listing your property.

Consider this scenario: If you are “selling by owner,” you will need to have the home listed. But the problem is that you don’t have access to the listing directory, and you don’t have access to the larger network of realtors who can help you with marketing your house. Remember that the properties that are owner-sold fetch a lower amount than those being sold by a top real estate agent who has industry knowledge and experience.

Attention to detail.

When it’s time for you to review the documentation that is involved in the property deal, you might not have complete knowledge. And you can only be safe if you can understand what you are getting, whether you are buying or selling. Remember that the agreements to buy may be up to 10 pages, not to mention state as well as local document requirements. Fortunately, the agent will be more familiar with the paperwork than you are. Remember that a mistake, omission, or anything else on these papers may cost you more money than the commissions that you are avoiding paying to the Hinchinbrook top agent.

Fiduciary duty, privacy and confidentiality.

You are assured that a real estate agent will have your back, no matter if you are a seller or a buyer. Any registered real estate agent has a legal obligation to put their client’s interests first. This duty requires every real estate agent to maintain confidentiality. It’s only your agent who will understand if the information that any other agent is asking for is reasonable.

Your agent knows what to look at when buying on your behalf.

As a buyer, you may have firm information about what you want in a house that you want to buy. For example, you already know how many bedrooms it has, the number of bathrooms, doors, and more. But an agent will be looking out for more things that are beyond your knowledge and understanding. Issues such as leaks, insects, mold issues, and roofing problems are some of the few things that agents will be on the lookout for, in addition to getting the best price for you.

Working with Ray White Top Agent.

By choosing to work with a Hinchinbrook top agent, you will have the support of a dedicated real estate professional who understands all parts of the South West Metropolitan region. These reputable agents believe that buying or selling real estate is more  about the people, as it also  about the property that is being bought or sold. By working with these experienced professionals, you get the support that you need when buying or selling.