Ring in the New Year: 6 Timeless Places to Celebrate in Dubai


The New Year is around the corner, and Dubai has garnered all the fame to celebrate the occasion with pomp and harmony. Individuals scattered around different locations over the planet flock to Dubai to spend their time immersing themselves in the New Year’s carnivals here. Various fun-filled activities are conducted around Dubai to make the occasion here a cherished one. Readers can check out the distinct places in Dubai to enjoy a timeless moment here. 

Some of the places are described below for their informative aspects.

Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek


The Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek tour is a great way to soothe your senses, along with the astonishing ambiance around the cruise. The New Year Dinner Dubai Creek is mainly conducted in the evening time, especially during the New Year time. Individuals can take their partners on a cozy ride along the banks of Dubai Creek and enjoy the beautiful backdrop of the Dubai nightlife along with the fireworks during the New Year. Amazing dining options are offered on the Dhow cruise, along with live performances from various artists. The dining area is kept air-conditioned, while the upper deck provides a distinct view of the open atmosphere around it. A great way to enjoy the new year while bringing your loved ones on this dhow cruise in Dubai Creek.

Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

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Another outstanding activity to engage is to go for the New Year Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina. This cruise is again a great one to get enthralled while watching the Dubai sky on New Year’s Eve. The cruises are quite luxurious compared to the ones at Dubai Creek, with 5-star facilities provided to the guests. People can come in groups or with partners to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Dubai surroundings. The food served here is also of top-class quality, with multiple finger-licking dishes to choose from. Enjoying the New Year with your partner on the Dhow Cruise in Dubai Marina will remain a memorable affair for a long time.

Palm Jumeirah

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The Palm Jumeirah is another place to spend the raving nightlife of New Year’s Eve. The place is lined with luxurious hotels and lounges, with the best options for music and entertainment offered to the guests here. Individuals can easily book their rooms at these hotels and enjoy the discotheques and clubs all night. Partying around the Palm Jumeirah is a great way to enjoy the New Year with friends and enjoy the beautiful ambiance of Dubai’s nightlife.

Burj Khalifa


Tourists and visitors coming to Dubai during the New Year can check out the varied lounges and hotels available in the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. There is an observatory on the 124th and 125th floors that provides a view of the magnificent Dubai skyline with the New Year’s fireworks. Cineplexes and entertainment centers are available within the malls for romantic couples and partners to spend a comfortable time here.

Global Village

Visitors can bring their families and kids to the Global Village in Dubai to enjoy the seven different fireworks shows conducted at various locations across different time zones. Apart from the fireworks show, kids can be entertained by the numerous activities conducted here. Various events and food counters are available around the location to make visitors feel refreshed.

Enjoy a Dubai safari in the desert


Individuals can bring in their friends and families and go on a night safari during the New Year in Dubai. Visitors can enjoy the thrill of the rides with dune bashing and quad-biking activities to engage in. Couples can even enjoy gazing at the starry skies with the fireworks around them and also take a camel ride into the desert. Later, they are welcomed into a Bedouin-themed camp and served exquisite cuisine from around the world. Various activities like belly dancing, fire shows, and stilt shows with henna makeovers are conducted at the camps here.

Final Notes

In summary, individuals can have a great time spending the New Year here in Dubai. There are various activities and points of interest around Dubai during the New Year, and it is essential to check the proper timings while venturing out for the event. Visitors can also bring in their friends and families to delve into the magical moments of the Dubai New Year.