Things you need to check before choosing react native for your enterprise


You came across the visionary technology of cross-platform app development and have decided to maneuver it for your business but now you are befuddled over the plethora of frameworks in the market. Well, if that sounds anything familiar then you are just at the right place. If one is given a job to cherry-pick among the vast pool of frameworks, then React Native will undeniably top the list but why is it so? It was launched back in 2015 by Facebook and since then, it hasn’t had a look back emerging into one of the most venerable frameworks in the app development industry. According to a survey, 42% percent of app developers make use of React Native giving it the number one spot in the list of most used frameworks. Another great factor that justifies its boosted marketability is the impact it has had on app development companies. Over time, more and more startups are building their businesses on React Native and as a result, the top app development agencies have endured a massive build-up in the entails for this framework.

What are the things we should on our checklist before opting for it? Here are some points that will answer your question

(i)Seamless user experience: On average, a user takes 15 seconds to judge an application so the impression left in the first few seconds plays an instrumental role. This is where React Native blazes past other frameworks in terms of quality given its ability to create enchanting user interfaces providing an immersive experience. It offers a broad spectrum of choices in designs as it comes with a prebuilt customizable design toolkit out of the box.

Business owners find this as one of the pivotal factors as it provides them an enhanced audience retention rate.

(ii)Stunning performance: What if it was possible to get a native app-like performance using cross-platform frameworks. Well, your wait is over as this has been turned into reality by React Native given that it offers splendid performance at much lesser CPU consumption. This feature has absolutely remodeled the market as business owners can now provide native app-level performance to their users on multiple platforms from a single codebase.

(iii)Swift App development: Let’s be honest, developing apps can be a challenging job but with React Native’s pre-built features, it has become incredibly easy. But how does it help businesses? Well, every day gazillions of apps are being made infusing more and more competitiveness in the market. To survive in this cut-throat market, business owners need to deploy their apps as early as possible without any trade-offs in quality. This is where React Native comes in handy as it cuts down the development time and also ensures top-notch quality.

(iv)Updates: If you are a bit tech-savvy then you might be aware of complications in updating a app even for the slightest of changes. But, React Native comes with the feature of over-the-air updates. It gives the scope for changing the code right away and showing it on the next launch of the app without encountering any complications like the traditional method. This has also paved the way for resolving bugs without any hassle ensuring the users a flawless experience.

The ideal cross-platform framework for your business

If you have followed this article thoroughly, then by now you are pretty aware of the game-changing aspects React Native provides as a framework. But is it the perfect framework for your business? To get a comprehensive answer you have to consult a leading app development company. A Leading app development company? How is it going to clear all your doubts? Well, top mobile app development firms like TechAhead have a specialized team that analyzes your needs and gives you an anchored answer based on it. Wait, why did we mention TechAhead? Well, it is a company that has ruled the domain of app development for over a decade while serving over 600 startups and bagging over 35 prestigious awards. If you still think what makes it special then let me tell you that it has had clients such as ESPN, Lafarge, and Disney which speaks volumes of its credibility.