This Summer, are you looking to make a statement?


If this is the case, you’ll undoubtedly want to wear a sexy bikini. Whether you’re flying out to a tropical destination after a long winter inside, attending a pool party, or just relaxing in a hot tub, you’ll need some stunning swimwear to join you.

Are you having trouble finding the proper bikini for women? We’ve got some excellent advice on how to get the best fit. From the bottoms to the tops of your bikini, you can be sure to look and feel your best with our bikini fitting guide.


Make sure it fits like your favourite lingerie to get the most out of your bikini. We all know that nothing beats a perfectly-fitting bra, which holds for bikinis. Your bikini should fit perfectly without squeezing or pinching against your skin, much like your underwear. After all, you’ll want to look and feel your best while basking in the sun. Check out our size charts for additional information on bikini sizing.


Your bikini top is just as vital as your bottoms, ladies. In addition, if you’re going to make a splash, you’ll want to be supported entirely and cupped. If you want to make sure your bikini top fits appropriately, look for the following indicators:

The bikini top’s underwire or banner must sit perfectly under your breasts.

Top and side spilling should be avoided, and the cloth should feel soft and smooth against your skin. If you can slip your finger between the fabric and your skin, you can ensure the top isn’t overly tight. Also, make sure your straps aren’t rubbing on your shoulders. You may need to go up a size if your straps are rubbing against your skin and causing irritation.

Make use of the bounce test! To ensure that all of your greatest assets are well-protected, have a sultry boogie in front of a mirror. Having an acute bikini malfunction at the pool is a no-no.

Girls, think of your bikini top as an extension of your bra wardrobe. You may learn more about the proper way to wear a bra by reading this article. Please check out our guide on measuring your bra size at home if in-person fitting rooms are not your style.

There is also more information about bikini top sizes available here at Kameymall.


Finding the right sexy bikini bottoms may be as difficult as locating the proper bikini top. There are a variety of designs to choose from, whether you like a barely-there look or prefer a more full-coverage look.

A good rule of thumb is that your bikini bottoms should not ride up or be too snug against your crotch when you put them on. To ensure that you are comfortable when lounging about in your bikini bottoms, they mustn’t be too tight.

Conversely, if your bikini bottoms are too big, they will droop and spread out and provide no support, so you may want to go down a size. Check out our sizing guide for additional details on bikini bottoms.

A bikini fitting is not an obstacle course for you, girls. With Kameymall help, you’ll be able to fit into a bikini in no time. As a bonus, you deserve to lounge in style and comfort while enhancing your tan.