Why April and May Are the Best Months for a Cabo Wedding?


Mexico and cities there like Cabo San Lucas generally enjoy good weather all year round. This is why Cabo San Lucas is popular all year round. However, some months are better than the others. If you’re planning a destination wedding Cabo, you might want to seriously consider the months of April and May. Here are the reasons why. 

Less Crowded

One of the reasons why tropical locations like Cabo are popular is because of the harsh winter weather up north. Peak tourist season for Mexico and Cabo are between November to the first week of April. After this, crowds will begin to thin out.

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Getting married during April and May means that the hotels and tourist destinations will have less people. This means that you will not only have a more peaceful wedding but a more private wedding. 

You will be able to enjoy hotel amenities with family and friends. Take pictures in tourist spots that are less packed and there will be shorter lines in restaurants and shops around the area.


While generally warm and balmy around the year, April and May weather is like Goldilocks weather. It’s not too hot and not too cool. Temperature around Mexico during these months is usually around the mid 80’s (~29 celsius). 

Water temperature during this time is just right for swimming. You can also enjoy activities like shopping, boating, ATVing and hiking without it being too hot. 

Hotel Occupancy

Hotel occupancy is a big issue for destination weddings. Family and friends will want to stay in the same resort as the wedding venue to make travel more convenient. This might not be possible if your wedding plan is to  marry during the peak season.

Couples planning an April or May wedding should check out Montage Los Cabos. The hotel has some of the most perfect venues to say “I do” and is a very popular choice especially among those who want to be in the middle of San Jose del Cabo and San Lucas tourist corridor.

It is also near the airport, making it easily accessible to guests who will enjoy swimming in the beach with its warm water and sunny skies as the backdrop. 

Aside from enjoying fabulous food, the beach and pools, the resort also has a golf course, zip lines, bike and ATV tours, tennis, and shopping around town destination wedding Cabo.

Flight Availability 

Speaking of the airport, there will be more flight availability for Cabo because of the fewer tourists going into the country.

There will be limited direct routes for some locations because of their seasonal availability which is set by the airlines, but the flights that are still available should see fewer tourists which means that you will be able to secure a flight more easily during these months.

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Travel costs should also be lower this time of year. Peak season travel is not only more stressful, it is also more expensive. This can be a big factor especially if your guests are coming from farther away.

Fortunately, travel costs are more affordable during the off peak season, including April and May. This can entice more guests to attend your wedding.

Aside from travel costs, many accommodations like hotels also offer off-season rates, allowing everybody to enjoy their vacations to the fullest. 


April and May are starting to look good as potential wedding months. Scheduling your wedding date when the city is less crowded can help you and your guests enjoy Cabo better and make the most out of your wedding. Remember, it’s not just a celebration but a vacation too.