Why Plastic Postcards are a Great Option for Retailers


Despite being the digital era of marketing, direct mailers remain one of the most effective forms of promoting your business and get new clients. This is because of its visual impact and tactile properties, which is more unforgettable than online advertising, which is easily ignored.

For your retail business, plastic postcards are an outstanding way for you to provide good first impressions, introducing your business and producing a flow of repeating customers. Let’s take a look at why plastic postcards are a good idea for retailers.


Your marketing merchandise should be able to impress your potential customers. Plastic postcards allow colorful digital printing on both sides, which makes it easy to grab the recipient’s attention and allow you to provide more, such as special offers, discounts and location, and contact information. Die cut gift card size pop up allows mail recipients to see your quote and put it in wallet. Just like a gift card, every time a customer opens their wallet, they will see your quotation and remember your brand and what they received.


As an owner of a retail business, you’d want your direct mailers to grab attention which would push the recipients to do business with you. However, a card is no good if it’s damaged, and that is possible with paper cards. With paper, your postcard may get damaged during delivery. Plastic postcards are durable and waterproof and can withstand the rigorous sorting process of the market. A plastic postcard will appear in your mailbox and will look as good as it would when it left the press. As you know, first impressions are everything, and plastic postcards give you the best first impressions.


If you send a paper mailer, chances are they will end up in a garbage can. However, plastic mails are rigid and weigh more than ordinary paper mailers, so they not only catch the eyes, but they also fee different, making sure your ad will be noted. The retail industry can be shockingly competitive, but through the use of the right tools, like plastic postcards, your business can stand out from the competition and become unforgettable for customers.


With plastic postcards, companies can use personalization, rather than sending common mailers to everyone. For example, you can include personalized links to your landing pages, customers can exchange exclusive transactions like product discounts.

Alternatively, you can print a customer name in multiple points to show your creativity. This helps you build relationships with our customers through directly contacting them. It has been proven to give a better response rate for your message or the information provided, if the message itself is personal and specific. There are many ways to use plastic postcards to get more customers and build a loyal customer base. By sending the right messages, connecting to the right audience, and sending mails at the right time, your business is most likely to succeed.

Retail businesses are competitive and everyone in this field are looking for new ways to promote their businesses. Direct mailers form a staple part of marketing for retail businesses and plastic postcards are one of the best forms of direct mail campaigns that your company can take to succeed. The advantages of plastic postcards are mentioned above and now you know why they are an excellent marketing tool for retail businesses.