YPhone – A Fun Toy For Children


The YPhone is a fun toy that helps children learn the different parts of speech. The buttons on the device allow children to control different functions such as volume, number, and color. The toy also features classic children’s songs and sleep music. It also has a number of images and pictures to aid in verbal development.

YPhone toy

The Cooplay White 1:1 Music Toy Mobile Phone looks just like the grown-up version of a cell phone, but is designed especially for kids. It features eight functions, side lights, and a USB rechargeable cable. Kids will love the way it looks and hears music. It is also extremely durable and easy to clean.

A simple button on the YPhone toy unlocks it when pressed. It also responds to press the image on the button and to the light on the Bezel. The controls are easy to use and switch modes quickly. Your child can practice typing on the Yphone while playing with it. The phone will also help him develop motor skills and manual dexterity.

The Yphone is made of ABS plastic and is suitable for small hands. It measures 2.25″ x 4.75″ and features realistic-looking buttons. Moreover, the lights that encircle it are realistic.

YPhone toy’s features

YPhone toy is a fun toy that allows your child to communicate with the world around them. They can press buttons to hear music, and the phone will respond to what they say. The Yphone also has different modes, including a music mode, a fruit mode, a piano mode, and a 2x song mode. It also features different tones and can be charged through a Micro USB cable.

The YPhone toy comes with 15 apps for your toddler to choose from. It’s an interactive learning tool, and is a great way to introduce colors, shapes, and numbers to your child. Each button changes colour, and there are also sounds associated with each one. The phone also comes with a charging cable, so your child can use it when it runs out of batteries.

The YPhone toy is made of eco-friendly materials. Its body is made of sustainable rubberwood, and it is sprayed with non-toxic paint. It has a colorful screen and various apps, including a calculator and a camera. Your child can also practice hand-eye coordination with the phone.