6 Cocktail and Dessert Pairings for a Sweet Night Out


If you’re looking for a night out that will leave your sweet tooth satisfied, look no further! We’ve put together a list of the six best cocktail and dessert pairings. Whether you’re in the mood for something light and refreshing or rich and decadent, we’ve got you covered. So gather your friends, make a reservation and get ready to indulge!

Lemon Bar and Pampelle Spritz

Lemon bars are a classic favourite, and they pair well with a light Pampelle Spritz cocktail. The sweetness of the lemon bar is balanced out by the bitterness in this drink while still satisfying that sweet tooth craving we all get every so often. If you’re not sure what kind of lemon bars to order, try going with one that has a fresh raspberry or blueberry filling for an extra flavorful treat.

Chocolate Cake and Cognac Cocktail

A truly decadent dessert, chocolate cake pairs perfectly with a classic cognac cocktail. Try experimenting with different chocolate flavours like dark or milk chocolate ganache with frosting on top for an extra indulgent experience. The rich flavour profile will leave any palate feeling satisfied after each bite.

Chocolate Cake and Coffee Liqueur Cocktail

Apart from cognac cocktails, chocolate cakes also pair wonderfully with a cup of coffee liqueur. You can use it as an after-dinner treat or before bedtime snack. The combination is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth while fulfilling the need for something caffeinated at the same time.

Try pairing this delectable delight alongside some espresso martinis too, if that’s more up your alley (we don’t judge!). Either way, we promise it’ll be delicious enough that even those who aren’t fans of either will enjoy them together in one sitting.

Tiramisu and Brandy Cocktail

Tiramisu—that Italian dessert is a classic for a reason! It’s light, fluffy and pairs perfectly with a brandy cocktail. The sweetness of the tiramisu will be offset by the bitterness of the brandy but just enough for you to enjoy the combination.

Pecan Pie and Bourbon Cocktail

Another classic favourite, pecan pie pairs perfectly with a bourbon cocktail. The sweetness of the pie and the smokiness of the bourbon work together to create a flavour profile that is sure to please any palate. Consider going for a pecan pie that has molasses and brown sugar glaze on top!

Apple Pie and Calvados Cocktail

This pairing is perfect for those who are looking for something fall-inspired. Apple pie pairs perfectly with calvados, an apple brandy, for a delicious after dinner treat. The tartness of the apples in both the dessert and drink will leave any palate satisfied while still being light enough not to leave you feeling heavy after your meal.

We hope you enjoy these delicious cocktail and dessert pairings! Whether you’re in the mood for something light and refreshing or rich and decadent, we’ve got you covered!