6 Essential Product Manager Interview Tips


If you want to work in product management for a company like Facebook, Amazon, or Google, you’ll need to impress interviewers and stand out from the crowd. It is challenging, especially if you haven’t presented your PM experience in an interview situation before. It may seem self-evident, but Product Manager interview questions are complex. PMs are in high demand, with top IT corporations and start-ups receiving upwards of 300 applications for a single post. That’s a success rate of fewer than 0.5 percent.

As a result, you should begin your preparations as soon as possible. Some folks we help start studying as early as six months before their interview. Although creating so far ahead of time may not be required for everyone, the earlier you begin, the better your chances of receiving an offer.

Let’s focus on a few strategies to apply during your PM interviews now that you know how to approach your preparation.

1. Put The Consumer First.

If you’re doubtful about responding to a question, this should be your initial instinct. Consider who uses the product and what use cases exist. Avoid developing a product the way you want it to be because you want it to be that way. Describe how the product you’re creating will meet the customer’s definition of success.

2. Make Contact With Your Interviewer.

Your interviewers will differ in their willingness to provide you with tips throughout the route. Some will wait until you ask for specific information on a customer or product before delivering it, while others will expect you to make acceptable assumptions on your own.

3. Don’t Get Bogged Down In A Framework.

It uses a framework to answer questions during the preparation part, and it can help you approach them logically and organize. However, as several successful applicants have pointed out, relying too heavily on the framework might stifle your progress. It is essential to understand the product organization structure.

4. Know what your is the favorite product

It may be a favorite product from the firm you’re applying to, or it could be a favorite physical or digital product from somewhere else.

5. The Company’s Essential Principles Should Be At The Forefront.

It is especially crucial at companies like Google and Amazon, where the relevance of culture throughout the application process. Before the interview, you should have studied the company’s beliefs, basic principles, and mission statement.

6. Make A List Of Questions to ask your interviewer.

You’ll get a few minutes to ask your interviewer some questions at the end of most interview rounds. Coming in without asking them any questions may give them the impression that you aren’t involved in the company or the position.

To summarize!

Interviewing for the position of product manager can be challenging. You have a much greater chance of getting recruited at firms like Facebook, Google, or Amazon if you start preparing ahead of time, take a step-by-step strategy, and become used to walking through your answer.

As we previously stated, doing mock interviews is an excellent strategy to prepare for your interviews. We launched our coaching service, which allows you to practice PM interviews one-on-one with one of our experts.