All you need to know when selecting your dresses


Dress is one of the favorite garments worn by women. At first glance, it may look simple. But as soon as a woman wear it, the center of attraction will be on her. A dress can turn an ordinary lady into an elegant one.

What about dresses? Well, either you like it or not, you can’t attend to any formal events if you wear a wrong cloth or what they called misdressed. People will eventually laugh at you and you won’t let that happen, right? There are so many dresses out there, and you are wondering what dress is the perfect one to wear.

Had hard time choosing the best dress to wear? Don’t be bothered much. We will give you the four different types of dresses you can always wear on any occasions that you will be attending. And from these dresses, you will absolutely like it. 

You need to face the fact that a lady wears dress. Wearing a dress is not only for the purpose of attracting people, and getting their eyes on you. It is also a great help in boosting your self-esteem. It adds confidence while you are wearing it. So to give you an additional information, we will give you tips in choosing a perfect dress for your party or any special occasion that you will be attending. You can choose from these dresses that you can put style with.

Slinky dress

This is the trendiest dress to wear in any formal events. For elegant ladies, wearing a slinky long dress is a perfect dress to wear. If you want to parade your hotness, you can wear this dress. Pair it with any stiletto sandals. For a more fashionable body figure look, you can wear a slinky midi dress. Slinky midi dress fits to your body, and has shorter length compared to slinky long dress. You can also wear a slinky dress for an outside walk. Just make sure to pair it with your white sneakers for a more comfortable feeling.

Fit and Flare dress

Fit and flare dress is a fitted dress on top and a flared skirt at the bottom. This is the reason why they are called fit and flare dress. Fit and flare dresses are also like A-line and Skater dresses. They’re perfect for any occasions or simple gatherings. You can pair it with your high heeled sandals like stiletto or block heels.

Cocktail dress

Cocktail dress is an easy to wear dress. It can be worn in any occasions like birthdays and other semi-formal events. They are also called as semi-formal dress. You can pair it with any high heeled sandals. To add a more glamorous look, you can add some accessories to your body like necklace, bracelets, and earrings.

Long formal dress with side slit

Most models and celebrities prefer to wear this kind of dress in attending events like awarding. This dress is a perfect to wear dress especially for big events like weddings and other special occasions. Long formal dress with side slit adds a fashionable look to your style. It will make you look fabulous and elegant while wearing it.


In choosing a perfect dress, make sure it really fits with your body. Choose the dress that you will be comfortable with. Remember this, “A lady is judged by the way she carries her dress.”To add some highlights on your style, don’t forget to find perfect heels that will absolutely match your dress, and as we all know red bottom heels will be a queen choice adding a classier and glamorous look.