Elden Ring Origin of the Two Fingers: Why the Two Fingers Cannot Be Trusted?


The Two Fingers serve as a source of direction toward order in the Lands Between in Elden Ring; however, it is possible that they do not have the best intentions at heart.

What Led to the Development of Two Fingers?The world of Elden Ring is teeming with enigmatic characters and beings, all of whom are working toward the same end: to interpret the lore surrounding the world and the Lands Between and to direct the player character through the narrative. The player is initially introduced to the Two Fingers in the capacity of a being that will serve as a guide for them throughout their adventure in Elden Ring.

At first glance, it would appear that the Two Fingers are a useful source of information. However, if the player investigates the history of the Two Fingers and the reason they exist, they may find that the order that the Two Fingers wish to preserve is not necessarily beneficial to the Land Between.

Elden Ring, much like many other video games developed by FromSoftware, features a convoluted narrative that calls for a great deal of investigation and perception. The beginning of the Elden Ring’s presence in the Lands Between, which does not in any way begin in the world but rather in the cosmos, is where the origin of the Two Fingers must be sought out in order to locate their point of origin.

A significant portion of the lore in Elden Ring can, in a manner analogous to that of Bloodborne, be traced back to unseen godlike beings. The Greater Will is an incarnation of one of the omnipresent outer gods that are associated with the Elden Ring. According to the lore, The Greater Will demanded that the Elden Beast be sent to the Lands Between to fulfill its duties as the physical manifestation of order and to carry out the Greater Will’s commands and farm Elden Ring runes. As a result, the Elden Beast metamorphosed into the Elden Ring.

The player discovers that their objective is to enter the Erdtree and repair the Elden Ring with the assistance of a Finger Maiden. The Erdtree is located in the middle of the Lands Between and is the home of the Elden Beast. However, the beast itself was unable to fulfill all of the Greater Will’s requests. Because of this, the Two Fingers were utilized as a means of communication between the Greater Will and the people living in the Lands Between, with the Finger Readers deciphering the beast’s non-verbal communication.

The Two Fingers selected an Empyrean from within the Lands Between to serve as a god, exercise dominion over the region, and be in possession of the Elden Ring. This selection was made through communication with the Greater Will. It was decided that Queen Marika would be the one to create the age of Golden Order. She did this by removing the Rune of Death from the Elden Ring and giving it to her companion, Maliketh. This action resulted in the creation of a world in which there was no such thing as death.

Despite this, Marika eventually started to have doubts about the Golden Order and became interested in learning more about the Greater Will’s true motivations. As a result of this, Marika expelled the Tarnished and destroyed the Elden Ring, the latter of which was an act of defiance against the Greater Will and was the cause of Marika’s confinement in the Erdtree.

In preparation for the arrival of the Tarnished in the Lands Between, the Two Fingers have devised a plan to lead them to the Erdtree in the hopes of mending the Elden Ring, reestablishing the Golden Order, and maintaining the control of the Greater Will. Although the Two Fingers represent order, this does not mean that they are objectively the best choice for the Lands Between as the player advances through the story of Elden Ring and learns more about the lore of the land. It is up to the player to decide what is best for the Lands Between at any point in the game.

These are referred to as the Two Fingers and the Three Fingers

Near the end of their journey, the player will have the opportunity to learn about a force known as the Three Fingers, which functions as a direct opposition to the Two Fingers. The lore and the dialogue of the NPCs both give the impression that the Three Fingers are a source of chaos. This is further implied by the fact that the Three Fingers are in possession of the Flame of Frenzy, which the player can imbue themselves with to unlock the Lord of the Frenzied Flame ending.


The Three Fingers are safely tucked away within the Lands Between, far below the surface. Many of the game’s characters, such as the Finger Readers and Melina, make it a requirement that the player abstain from communing with the Three Fingers because their rituals conflict with those of the Two Fingers. However, as the player learns more about Marika and her mission to sever ties with the Greater Will and liberate the Lands Between from its control, it is up to the player’s own interpretation as to which side in this conflict is good and which side is evil. This is because Marika’s goal is to break ties with the Greater Will and free the Lands Between.

Even though the Three Fingers stand for anarchy and mayhem, this is only due to the fact that they are working against the order that was established by the Greater Will. The Greater Will and its subordinates are willing to stop at nothing in their pursuit to maintain the Golden Order’s dominance over the Lands Between and preserve their position as rulers. If you were to take the side of the Three Fingers, the only thing that would change is that the Greater Will’s rule over the Lands Between would come to an end. This does not necessarily mean that the inhabitants of the Lands Between will face a negative outcome.

Why it’s possible that The Greater Will isn’t a force for good

According to the extensive canon of Elden Ring, the Lands Between have been around since long before the Elden Beast and Erdtree. In point of fact, there is lore that suggests the Erdtree is some kind of parasite that has taken over an older and more powerful tree that used to stand in the same location as the Erdtree does now. It is likely due to the significance of this primordial tree that the Greater Will chose to reside in the Lands Between. This tree is what gave life to the Lands Between.

When that power was threatened, the Greater Will did everything in its power to suppress the uprising and ensure that it was never seen in a negative light with powerful Elden Ring Mage Builds. That being said, the Elden Beast, Two Fingers, and Greater Will are all said to represent order within the world, but only the order that allows for the Greater Will to remain in power, and when that power was threatened, the Greater Will did everything in its power to ensure that it was never seen in a negative light. Citation needed

As the player learns more about the various outcomes of Elden Ring and the significance of each decision, it becomes less obvious what actions are appropriate and which ones are inappropriate. The Greater Will is responsible for the creation of a significant portion of the world that now resides in the Lands Between, as well as the gods and demigods who rule over the region. However, this world is rife with corruption, and power is often unevenly distributed.

After learning about the Greater Will and its struggle to maintain control over the Lands Between, the player has the option of continuing the Greater Will’s rule by repairing the Elden Ring and succeeding Marika as the Elden Lord. This decision can be made after the player has learned about the Greater Will and its struggle to maintain control over the Lands Between. Alternately, if the player sees through the false guidance of the Two Fingers and refuses to act as a puppet for the Greater Will, they have the option to choose to side with the Three Fingers and break the Greater Will’s control over the Lands Between. This option is only available if they refuse to act as a puppet for the Greater Will.