GTA 6 news, official Rockstar updates, and all the latest news and rumors


GTA 6 has been confirmed officially through Rockstar Games, and although we aren’t sure when it will be released we do know that there will be a GTA 6. We also are aware that Rockstar has very high goals regarding its next game just like the previous ones.

In an earnings call recently the parent company of Rockstar Games Take-Two Interactive states that GTA 6 development is “well on the way, and it is clear that the Rockstar Games team is determined to set new creative standards for the series, the industry we work in, as well all entertainment, as they have been doing with each of their top-quality releases.” This is according to Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick, specifically, which means it’s sure to be a show to keep an eye on, as you’d expect.

In February, the developer Rockstar Games snuck the fact that “active development of the next installment within the Grand Theft Auto series is in full swing” in the middle of the Newswire blog article(opens in a new tab) It’s not clear what exactly is at in its development.

Since the beginning of time, there have been numerous GTA 6 rumors and gossip going around that it’s a bit strange to have something officially confirmed. There have been leaks that suggest elements of the game’s plot settings, locations, features as well as other information and it’s thrilling to find out what’s next to be revealed by Rockstar.

The final piece of information users received was from a Rockstar job announcement which suggests the most intricate details in addition to “large-scale destruction” for GTA 6. It could be quite the change from the experience you currently play with GTA 5 and GTA Online. Additionally, it is interesting to note that GTA players believe they’re seeing San Andreas easter egg is their first glimpse at GTA 6 which means that the official announcement could be coming later in the year.

But it’s not the end of the story. Stay tuned for the latest GTA 6 rumors circulating so far.

When will be GTA 6 release date be?

The short version: If Rockstar had released GTA 6 the day after Red Dead Redemption 2 came out (October 26 October, 2018 – mark it in your calendar) Based on the past time lags in between games console GTA announcements and releases the game, we’d have to wait for 22 months. That’s August 2020. Of course, Rockstar didn’t do that. The company didn’t even do anything at all until February 2022, when Rockstar said its involvement in the project. This makes it hard to determine any kind of release date. However, there is a new leak suggests it will not be released before 2024’s expiration date.We’ve estimated some dates This table shows you the gaps between the ‘Announcement’ and the Release’ for GTA games, as well as the amount of time that has passed between major games.

The latest rumor is that GTA 6 is expected to launch in 2025. GTA 6 release date will occur in 2025. This is based on the fact that GTA 6 has been set in a contemporary model that is based on Vice City and that it will change and expand in the course of time.

It’s in stark contrast to previous reports that claimed GTA 6 could launch in the month of October 2023, and will be located within Miami. The information is from a questionable online source, however, there are further details are revealed from the leak suggesting a single male protagonist, and GTA 6 set in the 1970s with a chapter-based story similar to Red Dead Redemption 2. Add that to Rockstar offering fans a teaser via the Official Rockstar Support account, which is saying to “stay in the loop” in the coming days for GTA Six updates through the Twitter account and it continues to get more exciting.

Are you sure that GTA 6 has a female main character?

There’s a brand recent Bloomberg report that states that GTA 6 will have the first protagonist who is female – – a Latina woman. As per the Bloomberg report, this is the result of a shift in culture in Rockstar Games, which comes as a result of claims of bullying and a lack of discipline at the studio.

What is the GTA 6 setting? Here are the most recent speculations

There have been numerous reports about possible GTA 6 location spots, which include returning the city of Vice City or being set throughout the entire US. The latest information in August 2022 suggests GTA 6 originally included three cities and four protagonists however, it has since been cut down to just three cities..

But that doesn’t mean it can’t be stopped certain elements of the speculations that have been circulated to this point from becoming accurate. A rumor which was first reported in June of 2021 suggested it is possible that GTA 6 will be a modern-day Vice City. GTA 6 setting will be an updated version that is a recreation of Vice City – a rumor that was later confirmed by Jason Schreier from Bloomberg.

In March 2021 Tom Henderson, a tipster with a stellar track record, announced it was likely that GTA 6 will be set in the current. When asked about it by someone using Twitter, Henderson responded to the question and said “It’s it’s not in the 1980s, it is contemporary”.

The speculation has been confirmed by a photo of a house that appears in the newly updated version of GTA San Andreas. The image of the house is a brand new version of the game which led to speculation that it was a teaser of GTA 6. But, according to reports, someone has been able to confirm that it’s taken from GTA 6, which adds further evidence the game is set the present-day Vice City. A photo of a home which has been added to GTA San Andreas Remastered and seems to be the first look of GTA 6

But in 2020 there was a massive GTA 6 leak that emerged via Reddit. User JackOLantern1982 shared a total of 23 information regarding Rockstar’s game in development. In addition to confirming that it’s being developed and that it’s name is Project Americas as the game will be played across many countries, specifically, Brazil in a fictional town that is based on Rio de Janeiro and Vice City in the US. The report suggests that the narrative of the game is heavily inspired by the Netflix series Narcos (which is an amazing documentary about the origins of cocaine trafficking).

The leak suggests that you’ll build the drug empire of your dreams with a system similar to the one in Vice City Stories, but far more detailed – similar to, but more expansive than GTA Online. Your vehicle will be able to function as the horse from Red Dead Redemption 2, permitting you to store your gear in the trunk instead of putting it within your own character. According to the leak, it is believed that the game will take place in the 1970s and 80s and will feature buildings that change or Setting worse over time, as well as weather being a major factor.(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

Another leak that could be related to Frieden however, suggests that it’s a contemporary Liberty City setting for GTA 6 which has the opening of the game reminiscent of the television show, The Wire. The leak suggests that it’s an homage to an alleged drug ring, making the theme a common thread in all leaks.

A few years ago, there were reports that the possibility of a London location to play GTA 6 originated via Rockstar Games and put the game’s future at the doorstep of their own production facility. Rockstar Co-founder Dan Houser said the following in September of 2013 during an interview on Polygon:

“At the moment, it feels like GTA’s DNA is contemporary-ish, American-ish, English-speaking-ish, because that’s what it has been… but that doesn’t necessarily limit it to those, that’s just what we’ve done so far.”

It was speculated by many that GTA might be looking for outside inspiration, or perhaps going back to the UK. But, Houser also said that GTA would not return back to London during an interview in The Guardian that exact month:

“I think that for us, my feeling is that GTA London was cool for the time, but the games were more limited at the time,” said Houser. “These times, I think we’d love to create an action in the UK with a setting in London or wherever, but I’m not sure if it could be the case for a GTA game. I believe there are a lot of fantastic stories to share about the UK as well as great locations to show off, and great gameplay mechanics that might be some UK style to them. I’m not sure that it’s an actual GTA in the end.”

According to a source who spoke with TechRadar in March 2016 Rockstar traveled to the Japanese capital for a reference visit for a game titled GTA: Tokyo several years back. It appears that the concept of the game dropped, but before that, the studio hung out with Tokyo residents, took lot of photographs and was looking to get a better impression of the city prior to starting their game trip.

The source said it was reported that Rockstar believed that they were “serious” about games with the Japanese setting. It even went so far as in trademarking the titles GTA: Toyko, GTA: Bogota and also, in a strange way, GTA: Sin City in 2003. It was the same period when the game was called GTA 3 and Vice City However, it was viewed as a hindrance and one of the main reasons for the game to be ultimately discarded.

It’s no secret that the GTA 6 rumors are pretty broad and we’ll start by providing some background information. To date, GTA games have been played in the following places:

  • Liberty City – GTA 3, GTA 4, Lost and Damned A ballad of Gay Tony
  • Vice City Vice City GTA Vice City
  • San Andreas / Los Santos – GTA: San Andreas, GTA 5

If the past were to repeat itself, Vice City or Liberty City seem like the most likely choices to returning… however, it’s possible that the game will investigate new locations and this is more likely considering the expectations established through GTA Online i.e. the world won’t shrink. When speaking to rockstar’s Leslie Benzies in 2013, via YouTube’s GTA program GTAVoclock(opens in a new tab) the host said that the goal of GTA Online consisted of “To expand this world until it’s the size of the the world. We’re going to keep adding on new things and new locations every day”.

What is what will the GTA 6 story be?

For what happens to the GTA 6 story, there are plenty of rumors about this area too, from several protagonists to one male hero.

A 2020 Reddit leak suggests that it will take place in the 1970s and 80s and have a singular, male protagonist who is a rising drug lord, who’s a wannabe “Ricardo”. A second key character “Kacey” is composed of the plot. According to the leak, you’ll begin as a grunt, working as a smuggler of cocaine from Vice City to the new vast South American area before making connections with powerful drug lords, and then working progress and down the mountain, while the narrative spans several cities. According to the report, Martin Madrazo’s younger self will be in the picture along with his father, who is a major drug lord at the moment. There are missions you can undertake for the Madrazo family that involve attacks on other criminal gangs. The story is also expected to deal with issues such as HIV and the immigrant crisis during the 1970s/80s.

The previous Fireden leaks suggested that it would have four main characters, including two police officers and two Gang members. This leak says that the main plot is split after a time, the criminal part having an eerily similar Sandbox-based build-a-crime-empire (think Fallout 4 meets the Sims) and the police aspect is more of an action game, with a hint that is reminiscent of LA Noire.

The most recent leaks, dating back to June 2021, suggest that the current Vice City version would feature various playable characters as well as one who is a “tech-savvy woman” and the map expanding and evolving with time – similar to Fortnite.. Schreier has since confirmed the majority of these assertions, stating that on Twitter (via Resetera(opens in a new window)).

Incredibly, Rockstar hasn’t completely denied the possibility of multi-protagonists in future games which is similar to that of the GTA 5 trio. After the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2, with only one character that can be played with Arthur Morgan, Rockstar told, “Maybe we’ll do the same thing again in a different game however for Red Dead Redemption 2, you play this character and you’ll share his adventures”.

What has Rockstar revealed on GTA 6 on record?

The former Rockstar North President teased the new series’ entry in 2013 in a series of conversations in Developer(opens in a new tab) magazine. It was the magazine that started the online rumor mill began:

“We aren’t sure exactly what GTA 6 will be, however, we’ve got some thoughts,” said Benzies in the interview. “We’ve had about 45 years of ideas we’d like to implement. We’ll select the most effective ones. It’s all about the concept first. Where it’s going to be located is the initial inquiry. Then, the missions are defined that you’ll be doing in LA as opposed to New York or Miami. The map and the story are put together and the narrative is the basic structure of how it’s constructed to allow you to layer the mission on top.”

Of course, Benzies didn’t give much information about the form GTA 6 will take and ended Rockstar North in fairly unsettling conditions(opens in a new tab). It’s not likely that Rockstar will tear up its GTA series’ proven and tested method of development, in which creating an entire world starts with the characters and structures being layered over. GTA 5 was created by more than 1000 developers from studios across the globe, so it would be an unwise decision to alter the design.

Is there any GTA 6 PC release?

It’s fairly obvious at this point the fact that GTA 6 will be a PS5 and Xbox Series X release, particularly in light of the forthcoming GTA 5 next-gen post for PC and console. But whether there will be a GTA 6 PC port will be available simultaneously with its console cousins aren’t as simple.

GTA 5 and GTA 4 both made it to PC So you’d expect that there’s a GTA 6 PC port also possible. There’s a chance that it won’t have the option of launching simultaneously however, the extra refinement and development have been rewarded so far, and hopefully, PC players are willing to hold off a more.

What will the location of GTA 6 be set? What character do you want to be playing? Tell us in the comments section below or connect with us on Twitter @GamesRadar or @GTAVoclock