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Kareri Lake Trek


Kareri Lake Trek is located in Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh. It is situated at an elevation of 9,626 feet above sea level. It’s base camp is in Reoti village. It takes approximately 3 days to complete this trek. notwithstanding its closeness to the town’s gridlocks in summer. The Kareri Lake trail goes through the Kareri town, which is near Dharamshala and the pine backwoods that follow. Kareri lake is named after the town which is situated a good way off of 9km away from the lake. An intriguing reality about Kareri Lake is that it’s otherwise called Kumarwah Lake.

Once on the Kareri Lake journey, the timberlands get denser and you could possibly detect a Blue Jaybird even. Kareri Town has a ‘Woods Rest House’ and a couple of additional spots that sell fundamental conveniences. As a matter of fact, a portion of the houses might offer the office of a night’s visit.

Historical Background

The historical backdrop of Kareri Lake includes strict significance. An exceptionally well known fascination close to Kareri Lake is a sanctuary that is committed to Ruler Shiva and Shakti. This old sanctuary disregards the wonderful lake and is arranged on a peak. Close to Kareri lake, you’ll likewise find a couple of gaddi kothis. These are munching grounds involved by the Gaddis for their cows. This is a significant part of the way of life of the townspeople from Kareri.

Out of these attractions, the most courageous one is clearly the trip. There are a lot of activities during the Kareri Lake Journey.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Kareri Lake trek is from August to January and then February to May. The Kareri Lake journey is less investigated and offers incredible beautiful perspectives on valleys and mountain ranges. The trouble level of this journey changes from simple to direct and subsequently it is appropriate for the two amateurs as well as experienced ones.

Temperature Conditions

The temperature conditions during the Kareri Lake Trek is around 8 degree celsius to 22 degree celsius. It gets colder as the night approaches, the lake remains freeze. The skies are mostly the best clear and offers panoramic views in the month of October and also the weather remains pleasant through out. 


Kareri Lake Trek takes around 5 days to be fully observed and beautifully explored. The itinerary to Kareri Lake Trek is listed below :

Day 1 : Kareri to Reoti Village

First reach Kareri, it is known everywhere in Dharamshala. From Kareri village we will trek to Reoti village and stay at the campsite at Riyoti. Without burning through any time, start the climb through the Silver Oak, Rhododendron, and longleaf Chir Pine backwoods when you show up at Kareri town at 10:00 AM. The path starts with a continuous rising, yet later on, explorers should arrange a hard climb prior to arriving at the lake via the Kareri frosty stream known as Nyund. The day’s food will be pressed by explorers; make sure to remember time for a fast break and lunch for Riyoti, frequently known as halfway. 

2 Day : Riyoti to Kareri Lake Trek

The journey from Reoti to the lake will rely upon the climate. An ideal area for open air aficionados who appreciate investing energy in nature for true serenity and to take the best photos of the area. Also, the lake freezes from December to Spring, making access inconceivable without refined mountaineering gear.The journey initial goes through level grounds however at that point goes onto a precarious climb, as you journey close by the Kareri Nullah Stream and pass through different extensions. Get drenched in the magnificence of nature as you take a gander at the ideal curved icy lake encompassed by subtropical woods and snow capped prairies. To get a superior perspective on the lake climb the close by slope with the sanctuary on top where you can rest for some time.

Day 3 : Descending from Kareri Lake Trek to Kareri Village 

Partake in a generous dinner while watching the mountains’ dazzling dawn. Associate with local people while investigating the region’s ethereal vistas. As you plummet, take in the peaceful sight of a herd of sheep eating in the rich glades. Afterward, live it up savoring tea a shack close to the edge while respecting the perspectives on Kangra Valley. Again, starting descending from lake trek from heading towards to Kareri village. 


The three day trip to Kareri Lake Trek will be memorable and also refreshing fromthe daily hustle life. It will be worth visiting and worth investing your time. It is one of the best lake treks in India.