The Benefits of Using Corrugated Plastic Boxes


Corrugated plastic boxes are providing leading industries with excellent solutions for their transportation and distribution processes. The medical and food industries prefer these boxes for their ability to be easily cleaned and sanitized. Corrugated plastics also offer a sustainable option. These plastic containers can be reused and also provide optimal storage solutions.

But what is corrugated plastic? How is it sustainable? Let’s take a look at this and learn more about the benefits of using corrugated plastic boxes!

What Exactly Is a Corrugated Plastic?

Corrugated plastics have a unique construction compared to other types of plastics. Corrugated plastics consist of two outer layers with a middle layer that can be varied. The materials used to make these plastics are polypropylene, polyethylene, and flexible thermoplastics. The following are the three most common types of corrugated plastics:

Twinwall Plastics

Also known as corrugated profile sheets, twinwall plastic is made to fit in a variety of work environments. This type of plastic is created using two equal outer layers and a ribbed middle layer. This middle layer is designed with an I-beam pattern to help reinforce its strength. The thickness can vary from 2 mm to even 25 mm.

Honeycomb Sheet

Another corrugated plastic type is the honeycomb sheet. This plastic (also known as the bubble sheet) is named for the honeycomb or bubble-like pattern located in the center of the plastic. This formation provides extra stability to the structure. As with twinwall plastics, honeycomb sheets can come in various sizes to fit the industries that will use them.

Laminated Sheet

In contrast to the corrugated plastics listed above, laminated sheets can only be made from polyethylene. This type also has a unique pattern within the middle layer. It forms a wave to attach both sides and strengthen the core. The wave pattern makes laminated plastic sheets pliable and easier to change for specific purposes.

These three types of corrugated plastics provide ideal solutions for businesses. With the added benefit of being easy to clean, corrugated plastic boxes can protect the contents they hold and more!

How Are They Sustainable?

Corrugated plastic boxes are made from plastics that are 100% recyclable. Unlike traditional options, such as wood and cardboard, these materials can be used repeatedly. Utilizing these boxes can help cut costs and eliminate the need to buy additional resources for company operations. 

Leading businesses in several industries are now, more than ever, looking for viable, sustainable options for their companies. With the benefit of being able to bear heavy and oversized loads, corrugated plastic boxes can also help businesses increase their inventory while maintaining an environmentally-friendly stance. 

Expectations are that these boxes and other reusable plastics will increase in usage by 6% between now and 2028. This potential growth is due to the fact that plastics have versatility and reusability factors. Since these plastics save money and time, they offer companies an ideal method for increasing productivity.

What Types of Corrugated Plastic Boxes Are Available?

Corrugated plastic containers come in various shapes and sizes to benefit the industries that use them. Here are a few examples of the most commonly used containers:


Every business needs containers that will best fit the operations of their company. Boxes, such as customized delivery containers and packaging bins, provide exceptional options for workloads and advertising possibilities.


Quality end-to-end plastic boxes are essential when a stackable storage solution is needed. These containers are usually made with high-density polypropylene, offering a durable, waterproof option. Twinwall plastic helps make these boxes more stable when transporting and storing items.


Suppose a business needs a bin for recycling items or wants pallet additions to reuse on a continuous basis. Reusable corrugated boxes offer companies an ideal solution. From agriculture to corporate industries, these plastic containers provide convenience and an optimal way to conduct business.

The possibilities for corrugated plastic containers are endless! There are many areas where these boxes benefit the industries that use them. For example, file containers and totes are vital for medical industries with incoming patient records that require safe storage.  Auto-lock boxes keep products safely enclosed for retail stores and other companies that ship merchandise. Corrugated plastic boxes also provide durable options to help promote the businesses implementing them.

Choose a Materials Management Company That Can Provide Optimal Solutions!

No two businesses are the same. This is why it’s essential to work with a material management company that will provide solutions to your business’s specific needs. 

At Flexcon, our mission is to help companies optimize and utilize reusable plastic containers for their workloads and operations. We can offer you specific corrugated plastic boxes that will fit your needs. With over fifty years of experience, our team can provide additional information on other features that may benefit your company. Check out our corrugated plastic boxes page to see just a glimpse of what we can offer you!