Tips on Picking a Perfect Wakesurf Board


Many people often get confused about the concept and difference between wakeboarding and wakesurfing. Both water sports require wakesurf boards, but the two sports differ in nature.

With the number of options available in the market, it can be pretty overwhelming for you to decide which board is the best for your surfing experience. However, whichever water sport you like, you will primarily need a board for it. And this is why you are here. If it’s your first time, or you have regretted buying a wakesurf board before, this guide will help you find a good board for your next surfing adventure. So, don’t skip reading this post, as it is your chance to learn more about surfing boards.

How to choose the right wakesurf board?

Like surfing boards, the wakesurf board is also measured in inches and feet. There is no particular guideline that you can follow to get a good wakesurf board. However, the size of the wakesurf board and the rider’s weight should be considered before buying a board. Below are a few factors you might consider when shopping for a board for wakesurfing.

  1. The Size

While you look for brands selling wakesurf boards, you should also look at the size guide to know which one suits you best. Assuming you are a heavier rider, it would be best to go for a broader and bigger wakesurf board. Smaller wakesurf boards are swift in movement, but if your weight is more, you might face trouble while balancing yourself on a smaller wakesurf board.

  1. The Rocker

The rocker on the board helps cut the waves and makes your movement smooth. While shopping for wakesurfe boards, keep in mind to choose a board with fewer rockers. More rockers will make the movement of your board slow.

  1. The Rail

You’ll find the rails at the edge of your wakesurf board. The size and shape of the rail will define how smooth your board will move in the water. You’ll commonly find thin or thick rails and hard and soft rails in the option. A hard rail means that the board has a sharp edge which will cut water faster and provide more speed to move ahead. A softer rail offers more stability and balance. If you are a professional wakesurfer, you will find ease with a hard rail wakesurf board. For beginners, maintaining balance and a consistent speed is essential; thus, you should prefer a soft rail.

Once you have considered all these factors, you’ll have to learn how to set up wakesurfs successfully. You will find many videos and guides on the Internet to learn this essential step.

How much does a wakesurf board cost?

Beginners’ wakesurfs cost starts at $650, and as you proceed to a greater level and decide to buy a professional-level wakesurf board, the price can go up to $2000. It primarily depends on the brand you choose and the type of surf you select.

There are plenty of wakesurf board brands out there. However, it is always better to do your research and shortlist a few options before comparing them. You must compare the product based on its price, needs, quality, and reviews. If you are satisfied with all four criteria, you can go with the product you like- happy wakesurfing to all.