What Kind of Services does a Halfway House in Arkansas Provide?


Halfway houses are an effective way to ensure aftercare, in cases of alcohol or drug rehab. If you are just out of a rehab program, you may not need medical assistance all the time. However, it may still be tough for you to integrate into society and get back on your feet. A halfway house in Arkansas can help you bridge the gap between a detox program and a return to your usual life. 

You are free to choose a halfway house if you have completed an outpatient or inpatient detox program. It can often be a safe space for recovering addicts. Based on the seriousness of your addiction and other factors, you can stay at a halfway house for several weeks, months, or even a year.

All halfway houses in Arkansas provide varying services. Still, some services are common to all and reasonable to expect.

Counseling Services

In most cases, addiction to alcohol or drugs co-exists with a mental illness or disorder. If not, it can still cause some self-esteem issues. In order to prevent such underlying issues, it is important to seek counseling services. Halfway houses recognize its significance. You may find different kinds of counseling services there, like individual therapy, group meetings, movement therapy, etc. Your counselor may prescribe you medication if they feel a need for it.

AA or NA Meetings

It is normal to feel cravings or temptation to have a sip of alcohol. You might want to stay connected with other recovering addicts. It can be great for providing a feeling of companionship. This is why many halfway houses conduct AA or NA meeting to encourage sober living. You can feel free to discuss any issues or feelings that come up during your stay. You may be expected to attend a certain number of AA meetings in a week.

Basic Living Facilities

Among the halfway houses in Arkansas, you can either look for a homely setting or a luxury stay. Either way, you will find some essential services in all halfway houses near you. They will ensure the provision of good-quality, nutritional meals, comfortable accommodation, gardens, space for leisure activities, etc.

Keeping your best health in mind, halfway houses also conduct drug screening and breathalyzer tests. They might surprise you with random screening tests to verify your sobriety.

Employment Services

As a transitional living facility, most halfway houses help find employment opportunities for people. This is a sign of gradual progress for you! Once you find a job, you may end up feeling more confident about your abilities. Being employed is an important step to accomplish independence. Halfway houses may even offer transportation to your place of work. Regardless, you are expected to abide by a curfew set by the halfway house.

Services of a halfway house make it easier to dream of sober living. It is safe, understanding, and accessible to everyone. If you need help, you can check out https://halfwayhousedirectory.com/centers/arkansas/ to get connected to a halfway house in Arkansas.