What to Do during Dubai Desert Safari? Consider These Things


When planning a trip to Dubai, the idea of a shining metropolis indeed comes to mind. The days filled with luxury shopping, world-famous restaurants, and relaxing on the beach. But Dubai was built on sand, so desert safari remains a must-do in the region.

With so many operators and destinations to choose from, it can be hard to find the best option. So, here are some fantastic and must-do things you can consider before the Dubai desert safari.

Enjoy the romantic sunrise in a hot air balloon.

An open-top Land Rover will pick you up from your residential place. Not miss the chance to hear ancient tales from Dubai’s history from your guide man on a trip to the Dubai Desert safari.

Then treat yourself to a four-course dinner while enjoying evening entertainment with traditional dancers and a falconry show. Besides, riding on a camel to exit the tent and get some restful sleep in preparation for your morning hot air balloon ride over the rolling dunes.

Enjoy the spirited ride of a lifetime:

Dubai desert safari is not wrong to say hold unlimited adventure. But it is not for the faint of heart. So, the travelers should be prepared for an adrenaline-filled ride through roller coaster-like dunes, with some even standing at 90-degree angles.

Grab a board and ride up the hills for some sandboarding to complete the adventure. It is good to note that you must be 18 years old and have a valid International Manual Driving License.

Sleep under Arabian stars

In desert safari, get the car and hit the road just before sunset to head into the desert. For an unforgettable experience, book a dune buggy as the hot sun meets the orange sand on the horizon.

After many fantastic photo opportunities, return to camp on a camel and then get ready to enjoy and practice belly dancing with Emirati instructors. There is an open bar unless it’s Ramadan and henna. After you finish your BBQ dinner, spend the night star gazing and telling stories from expert guides.

Discover the desert ecosystem in the reserve.

It’s time to discover a different side of the desert on this nature safari. Aboard a 4×4 off-road vehicle, you will travel through the desert until you reach the desert. Here you will discover the unique flora and fauna that grow in this harsh climate.

It is compulsory to keep binoculars handy to spot wildlife from Arabian oryx to gazelles. After the tour, settle in for a traditional breakfast among the sand dunes, then pack and return to the hotel; you will have plenty of time to explore the big city.

Experience a little taste of life in the desert

For those who aren’t big fans of overnight camping but want to experience life in the desert, an evening safari will allow guests to enjoy a few hours under the Arabian moon before taking them back to town.

Here you can experience a party atmosphere with henna tattoos and live performances, then enjoy a desert dinner of fried shrimp, braised apricot, lamb, and fresh salads.

Sit in a Hummer for a ride.

Don’t forget to break the mold and ride the sand dunes in a Hummer. During the Dubai desert safari, enjoy the thrill of going down the hill to the heart, stopping at 90-degree angles. Those worried about the danger element should know that the Hummer is actually one of the safest vehicles for desert travel with grippy wheels and a smoother track.

After this, settle in for an evening of shisha and strong Arabic coffee; it surely keeps you awake all night to enjoy the entertainment in a vast desert.

Buggy 4×4 desert safari

You can discover the beauty of the desert in a unique way because driving at speed through the expanses of the desert, admiring the exotic landscape along the way, surrounded by the mountains at dawn or sunset, is fun and breathtakingly beautiful.

And from these excursions, tourists bring excellent photos filled with emotions from speed and the surrounding oriental flavor, the bright colors of the desert at dawn or sunset.

Buggy is a small open car, stable, with excellent cross-country ability. It is easy to manage, allowing you to develop pretty quickly. If you are travelling together in one car, a buggy may be more convenient for you. The second passenger is located in the seat next to the driver and not behind him, as on an ATV.

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What to keep with yourself:

  • Arafat.
  • Sunglasses (from the sun and sand)
  • Sunscreen.
  • Clothes for the season (the desert can surprise you with coolness, especially at night and especially in winter).
  • Water.
  • Camera for great pictures.
  • Comfortable shoes.
  • Good mood