13 Heartfelt Rakhi Gifts for Sisters Living Abroad


Raksha Bandhan is an occasion to make an effort to bridge the distance that may have grown over time and to rekindle the connection with our siblings. And this is why it’s worth trying to bring them closer back into our lives, even though we may not know how long it will take for things to settle.

 Let’s count on the miles that could somehow be melted with the seasons and make the most of this time to strengthen sibling bonds. Consider these 13 Heartfelt Rakhi Gifts for your sister who left for abroad

  1. Dried fruits and Nuts

These easy-to-store and ready-to-eat dried fruits and nuts provide a nutritious and energy-boosting snack that mothers always encourage children to enjoy. They are perfect for maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle while also satisfying your taste buds.

  1. Exotic Chocolates Hamper

A good sharp snap when you hear clear and crisp with the breaking of a good chocolate. Enjoy the fascinating milky and white chocolate that would tend to melt like a velvet ribbon settling on the tongue.

  1. Sweet Fragrant Perfumes

When cloaked in the scent of your favourite fragrance, the aroma is not distant from being an enigmatic space. Whether it’s the natural extract of vanilla bark or the fusion of spring flower blooms, send fragrant memories to your sister to cherish your selection for her.

  1. Birthstone Earrings

Certain stones are believed to bring energy to a person born in a specific month. Birthstones inspire these radiant stud earrings and are equally vibrant, versatile, and easy to wear. Each zodiac sign has a corresponding birthstone or gemstone, and for Aries, the recommended birthstone is believed to have magical properties.

  1. Combination Necklaces

To put it simply, combination necklaces are layered necklaces that are versatile and industrial in modelling more than one necklace combined. By picking several of your favourite necklaces, you can create your own look, so let Rakhi be the time to put on the best dress to complement you.

  1. Stuffed Animals and Pushes

These plushies are made of fine fabric and feature expressive animals with babyish faces as their central appearance. Holding them provides a warm, comforting feeling of loyalty to their possessor, making them feel safe and pleasant to hold due to their flexible material. 

  1. Enchanting Bouquet of Flower

The delicate petals of seasonal flowers are still adorned with dew drops, settling in the early morning light. With a variety of orchids, daisies, and roses, it’s hard not to be swept off your feet by their beauty and fragrance. If you want to send Rakhi to the USA with flowers, consider using an online portal for timely international deliveries to ensure the freshness of the flowers during transit.

  1. Personalized Caricature

These thrilling drawings that exaggerate certain characteristics of an imitation of a person appear comical and cartoonish in a good way. Giving a hand-drawn caricature would be personalized and unique and would make it feel like a special moment.

  1. Customized Mug

Mugs can be a great way to unwind after a long day. These cosy glass mugs can provide a sense of calm and relaxation, making them perfect for enjoying a warm beverage. Mugs can act as a blank canvas, offering endless possibilities for decoration and personalization. They can also serve as cherished mementoes, holding memories and special moments with each use.

  1. Customized Cushions

The most valuable gifts are priceless treasures. Customizing your gift will add a personal touch, but you always need to pay attention to your choice of present. For example, a designer cushion or a funny slogan embroidering will give the cushion a layered feel.

  1. Personalized crystal Photo frame:

Either embroidered on the frames or braided in bamboo. These interesting Photo frames also come in a glassy texture. The crystal frames that are packed and enclosed from all sides are like a beautiful prism. The option to have glowing LED lights brings charm to the glass.

  1. Scented Candles Jar

Fill the room with the refreshing scent of a burning candle in a jar. There are wax candles without a jar and jelly candles for the jar to be heat resilient. Send this lovely scented jar of light to your sister to find calmness and relaxation with the glow of festivity 

  1. Pretty Elegant Wristwatches 

Find an alluring selection of wristwatches that will capture your sister’s attention. She will never miss an important occasion with her trusty timepiece by her side. Choose from a stunning collection of watches that blend beauty and sophistication for a classic and elegant look.


Surprise your sister with a heart-warming wish for a blessed gift, this Rakhi. And to Send Rakhi to India online, nothing may ever seem far with the right online platform to serve your delight and interest that you can share with your sibling and make them feel special.