Best Sea Lion Attractions in AU

A Pair of Sea Lions underwater looking at you.

The Australian Sea lion refers to one of the rarest pinned species you will even come across. You need to understand that it is endemic only in Australia, and there are thought to be about 12,000 sea lions living in the wild. However, this is a guess estimate based on the number of colonies that are accessible in the nation. Apparently, part of the problem in this topic is finding the sea lions. The aspect relates that most of them live in remote parts of Australia, and locating them can be overwhelming.

If you are new to Australia and looking for areas where you can locate sea lions, you have landed on the right page. I will be proactive in outlining some of the lobster shack sea lion attractions areas you might need to visit and enjoy your tour in AU.

Take a look

Western Australia Sea Lions

From Albany on the South coast of Western Australia, you will see whale cruises that will also head to break Sea Islands, where sea lions like visiting. As you approach the King Gere Sound, you may have an opportunity to watch some of these sea lions lumbering down the rocks. This is one of the fantastic scenes you cannot afford to miss as you tour the western part of Australia. In addition, you can book a ticket with Albany whale tours and get a chance to watch some of these lobsters and make your adventure more enjoyable.

Sea Lions in the Southern Parts of Australia

Perhaps you do not have time to tour all corners of AU. But you need to spare some coins as you plan and make sure you have visited the southern parts of Australia even if you spend only a few hours. You will have a chance to have perhaps one of the most memorable encounters with sea lions in the area. As you walk or travel across Kangaroo Island, you will have a chance to watch some of the largest breeding colonies. The sea lions can be viewed from the boardwalk at Seal Bay in this area. Alternatively, you can seek help from guided tours, which will help locate some of the places where you can see these lions in the southern parts of Australia.

Other Areas

If you get a chance to visit the Neptune islands, you will have a chance to see them off the bottom of the Eyre Peninsula near the Porch Lincoln. As you walk or drive from Adelaide to Lincoln Port, you will also have a chance to see some of these lions at a distance. Therefore, as you plan to visit some of the areas where you can see some of the giant sharks in the world, be prepared to watch some of the fantastic scenes in Australia as the sea lions lumber on hard rocks.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, you cannot claim to have exhausted all the tourist attraction scenes in Australia until you have seen some of these sea lions. In addition, if you get a chance to be in the southern or the western parts of Australia, ensure that you have seen at least one sea lion and make your adventure more memorable.