Complete Guide to Finding Best Desert Safari Dubai


Dubai is one of the most unique and glamorous places to visit on your vacation. If you decide to plan your visit, it will never let it go until you make it highly memorable and fun. In this way, you can consider the unique part of Dubai – the Arabian Desert. 

Select the best package that better suits you for Dubai Desert Safari. All these packages have more or fewer things that vary from average to VIP. In this blog, you will know many things that thoroughly prepare you to enjoy the Dubai desert safari. 

Adventurous things to Do:

Dubai desert safari is not only about enjoying the scenery and feast of Arabian style. There are many things to boost your serotonin level in this vast desert. Some of these are given below:

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Dune Bashing:

The popularity and adventurous feature of dune bashing will never get down. It is the most engaging activity you can do in a vast desert. It should be, and it is the adventures part of the safari. It is useless if you visit Dubai and do not experience dune bashing. 

The dune bashing activity is a thrilling activity that consists of loose dunes. It makes various shapes because of swift wind movements all over the desert. You can experience dunes in desert and beach sites. It involves a 4×4 sports ride in Toyota Land Cruiser and SUV vehicles. The steep ascending toward the top of the dune makes you feel the roller coaster ride in the desert. 

To know safety features, the drivers of these vehicles are highly professional and well-trained. They know all the safety procedures in case of any miss happening. These dune bashings include hummer safari, red dune bashing, and golden dune bashing. 

Sand Boarding:

No one can skip the activity of sandboarding in a desert safari package. For this purpose, you have to strap your foot tightly on board and then slide onto the waves of sand. It is similar to snowboarding, but the thing is a little different. 

If you want to polish your sliding skills, then sand is the best place to try two to three times because there are negligible chances of any injury. On the other hand, you do not require professional skills to participate in sandboarding. 

Camel Riding

Another unusual activity in the Dubai desert safari is camel riding. If it is your first time having a camel safari, the most important thing is the camel itself. You can do it for 10 to 20 minutes to enjoy camel riding. But if you want to have something adventurous, you can have a 40 to 50-minute safari in the vast Arabian Desert. 

The camel ride is also comfortable and enjoyable to take pictures of the surrounding scenery with a camel. 


It is also involved in the Dubai desert safari. Falcon is considered as the symbol of bravery and enthusiasm. You can hold the falcon on your arm, be equipped with specific safety equipment, and take brave pictures. This activity occurs under the higher supervision of experts who can control any miss happening and prevent you from harm.

Henna, Tattoo making, and Hookah Smoking:

Besides the open desert activities, you can have many other unique and charming activities inside the Arabian camps in the desert. These include Henna designing, tattoo making, smoking hookah, or sheesha. All of these are Arabian traditions, and it attracts the most. You can inhale your favorite flavour, sheesha. 

Delicious Buffet and Barbeque:

In the Arabian camp, a vast feast is waiting for their guest. It consists of delicious cakes, salads, potatoes, corn, hummus, and non-vegetarian food. If you are a vegetarian, there is no need to worry because you can have an excellent selection for your desired food category. On the other hand, you can have Tanura dance, belly dance, and a fantastic fire show which you can enjoy while making dinner. 

The belly and Tanura dance is considered a highly skilled performance typical in known Islamic countries like Egypt and Turkey. It sparks your eye and sticks to the memory when the dancers spin for consecutive 30 minutes. They dance while wearing multicoloured and heavy dresses.

You can get refreshments and many other unique activities in different desert safari packages. You can select the desert safari package according to your desire. The morning desert safari will go best to see the big sunrise picture. Moreover, to see the sunset and horizon in the desert, select the evening desert safari. Not only this, but there is also an overnight desert safari for those who love a sky full of stars. 



It is all about some essential things to know, which proves helpful to have a sketch of the Dubai desert safari. It is good to book your ticket before visiting Dubai through known dealers. They will offer you various packages so you can select accordingly.