Pakistan China border crossing at Khunjerab

Asia,China,Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region,Kashgar Prefecture,Tashkurgan.The Khunjerab Pass at the borders of China and Pakistan on the Karakorum Highway.

Located at 4, six hundred meters above sea level, the China-Pakistan border crossing, which is going over the Khunjerab and the Karakoram Highway, is the best and, consequently, one of the maximum lovely borders within side the world. The adventure is pretty clean and its handiest calls for a touch coaching however, because of the stern measures imposed by the Chinese government, you may want an additional dose of patience.

Pakistan-China border

Chinese visa – Are you in ownership of a legitimate Chinese visa? If not, you’re losing a while here. Some years ago, it became feasible to get a Chinese visa in Islamabad however, at some point in my adventure, I met an Australian guy who had been denied a visa, so matters would possibly have been modified now. I was given mine in Barcelona, Spain.

The Pakistan border with China is closed at weekend – Plan your journey accordingly.

It is likewise closed in winter – From November to March, khunjerab top weather is included through snow, as a result, the border stays closed. There aren’t any any reputable starting or final dates, because it relies upon the weather. I recommend you ask within side the Karakoram FB Group for the modern-day update.

Upload any troubling pix into the Cloud

By troubling, I suggest any image or report which would possibly offend the Chinese government, consisting of pornography and pix of you with guns. Note: If you tour in Pakistan, you may genuinely have pix with guns. The Chinese will undergo clearly all of your pix and files.

They took my computer for 1/2 of an hour and checked all my DSLR and iPhone photos, one through one. I heard the tale of 1 man or woman who became observed to have an image of a few Chinese army staff and that they reset his camera, deleting all his photos. If you couldn’t add them to the Cloud, simply conceal them nicely in your computer.

Smoke all of your Pakistani cannabis earlier than getting on the bus

The Chinese government has 0 tolerance for drugs. If you get caught, you’re screwed. At the Chinese border, sniffer puppies will odor your stuff and property thoroughly. Finish your hash in Sost.

Keep Pakistani rupees with you

The street from Sost to the Chinese border is going via Khunjerab National Park. At the entrance, foreigners are pressured to pay a 1,300PKR charge and you couldn’t break out of it. I know, it`s a whole rip-off because, at some point of the adventure, you couldn’t even get out of the car.

Bring Chinese Yuan

In Tashgurkan, which is the primary metropolis after the Chinese border, you couldn’t trade money. I regarded and requested anywhere however they advised me that you couldn’t do it anymore. There are some ATMs however, in case you don`t have a credit score card, you ought to trade your Pakistani Rupees in Sost.

Please notice that, in Sost, you could handiest trade Pakistani Rupees to Chinese Yuan (and vice-versa). If you’ve got another currency, you may need to trade it in Karimabad or Aliabad.

Bring lots of snacks and water

Khunjerab Pass is placed at 4, six hundred meters above sea level. This method would possibly get altitude illness whilst looking ahead to infinite hours at Chinese immigration.

Furthermore, you couldn’t purchase something at some point in your adventure, and, crossing from Pakistan to China can effortlessly soak up to ten hours. Hunza is well-known for its dried fruits, particularly apricots, which you could purchase throughout the valley.

Can I move it independently / riding myself? – No, you couldn’t. On the Chinese side, you ought to be observed through a Chinese manual, which seems to be quite expensive.

How to get into Sost?

After Aliabad, you could get there from everywhere on the Karakoram Highway through public transport. Personally, I got here hitchhiking from Passu.

Where to live in Sost?

Pamir Serai Guest House – A resort run through a neighborhood of Wakhi (Alam Jan) that additionally works as a manual for the complete Wakhan region, consisting of Afghanistan and Tajikistan. You can ask him for recommendations in case you are heading to this part of the arena afterward. I suggest Pamir Serai 100%.